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November 9, 2009

Taylor Swift on SNL

I had a cold and decided to stay in this weekend. I ended up catching Taylor Swift hosting SNL. I’m not a big fan of her music. I don’t hate it, either. I think she’s talented but her music just isn’t my cup of tea. And I think she’s a lot better than most current country stars.

But she was a great host. I really liked her. There’s just something about her that is likeable. She seems like an awesome person and she appears to have acting abilities. I’m not in the acting business, so I’m probably not the best person to ask. But I do think she did a better job as host than a lot of other people with more acting experience, such as Megan Fox. Taylor looks great as a brunette, by the way. I get the feeling that this is beginning of things to come for Taylor and I wouldn’t be surprised that as time goes by, her music might evolve into something that I would like.

March 16, 2009

My geeky experience meeting the SNL cast

It was just announced today that Andy Samberg will be hosting the MTV Movie Awards. I pretty much assumed this was going to happen. I think it’s awesome that he’s come full-circle because he was a writer on the awards show before he was on SNL. This will be the first time I see the MTV Movie Awards since the 1990s. I watched bits and pieces when Jimmy Fallon hosted since I like him but MTV has really lost my interest. Anyway…

I met Andy Samberg the weekend before the one that just passed. I was kind of drunk, haha. My BFF 

mandimercedes  and I were in town for the weekend to hang out. (I will explain more about the weekend in an upcoming post). We went to the Acey Slade show at Arlene’s Grocery that Saturday evening. They were done pretty early in the night, so we decided to hit up 30 Rock afterwards to meet "The Dudes" (a.k.a. Andy Samberg, Jorma Taccone, and Akiva Schaffer from The Lonely Island). I’m not one to really care about meeting celebrities in general, but I’m a really big fan of them and I love their work a lot. So we’re waiting. There weren’t as many people out there as I thought. I had to pee (from the beers I drank earlier at Arlene’s, haha). But I wasn’t going to leave and go to the bathroom and then miss anything. 

Bill Hader comes out first but he says he’s in a huge hurry and kind of just zooms past most people. He did take some pictures with the people standing next to us, but I didn’t want to bother him since he said he had to be somewhere. He did wave and said hi as he walked by Mandi and I.

Jason Sudeikis was really nice. He was such a dude. So nice, haha. Like someone who works in your office with you and you make small talk with in the coffee room. (I mean that as a compliment).



Fred Armisen comes out next. What’s funny is that no one would talk to you unless you said hi to them or were waving something out for them to sign (which makes sense because for all they know, you might not be a fan of theirs), but Fred pretty much walks up to Mandi and I and is like HEYY! *all smiley*. Actually, Jason was kind of the same way. They were cool! I’m wondering if we caught Fred’s eyes because I know he is a musician and we were the only rock chicks there. Fred is awesome. I’d love to just see him at a party, sit next to him on the couch, and have a good conversation with him, haha.

We see Andy walk out and that’s when the crowd really started going YAYYYYY Andy, Andy, Andy! It got louder when he was out there more than anyone else. But the crowd was actually much calmer and quieter the whole time than I thought they’d behave. As he’s on the other side, we see Bryan Tucker, a.k.a Roy from the Digital Short Roy Rules. I froze up and couldn’t remember his name. And he wasn’t signing autographs as we were the only dorks who probably even realized who he was, haha. He walks by and I try to get his attention, but since I couldn’t think of his name I didn’t want to just be like "I a fucked a Akiva Schaffer" since Kiv had just walked out, too. And I didn’t want him or Kiv to be like WTF? Haha. So Mandi says, "ROY RULES!" and he looks over and we’re like Hiiii and he has this confused look on his face like, "how the hell do they know who I am?" haha. So good. I just wished I remembered his name so I could have said that instead and said a proper hello! I like his work as a writer a lot. He’s written some of my favorite skits, including "The Race Draft" from Chapelle’s Show.

We only saw Kiv stop for a minute to the people right in front of the door and then leave. And this was happening while Andy was making his way over, so it was either flag down Kiv or wait for Andy. Andy comes over and I tried to act all cool, haha. Mandi didn’t have a sharpie, so she’s like "You’re gonna sign this with their (points to people next to us) pen". Andy takes their pen from them and is like "Gee, you guys were so prepared". I was gonna be like "We’re so drunk, too!" but I figured I’d shut up before I made an ass of myself, haha.

I was kind of bummed about not meeting Akiva or Jorma (we waited and waited and we never saw Jorm come out). But at least we got to meet one of them.

I want to see a taping next time I visit New York and they’re doing the show. I think I recognized some of the other people who walked out. They weren’t cast members. I’m guessing they are writers on the show that somehow I’ve probably seen online one way or another and/or they were extras in skits.

So basically the main living person on my list who I have been wanting to meet (other than Jorm and Kiv) that I haven’t yet is Margaret Cho. I have been wanting to meet her for years now – since the late 1980s, after I saw her on "Stand-up Spotlight". If I had just stayed in NYC for two more days, I might have because she was in town and went to the taping of Late Night with Jimmy Fallon. 


December 9, 2008

Jorma and Akiva finally get facetime on SNL!

You may not realize it, but Andy Samberg is actually part of a trio called "The Lonely Island". They had already achieved some internet fame before being recruited to SNL. If you check out You Tube, there are a bunch of hilarious skits and music videos from the early to mid 2000s. Andy Samberg, Jorma Taccone, and Akiva Schaffer have all been working as writers for SNL for a few years now but Andy is the only cast member. It’s still not a bad gig, I mean this is an Emmy award winning group (they are responsible for all the Digital Shorts, including "D in a Box", which is what won them the Emmy). But it’s so sweet that SNL finally gave them real face time!
When I say "real" it’s because you may have seen Jorma and Akiva on the screen for a couple seconds just thinking they were random extras.
For example, in "Giraffes" the face of the guy on the screen (with missing eyes and brains getting eaten) is Akiva.
You see Jorma walking by, chomping on lettuce at the end of the digital short "Lettuce". He is the boom microphone holder wearing a vest who appears in front of the camera and vomits in "Jam the Vote" and "Everyone’s a Critic".

I could go on and on about how much I love these guys and about all the funny videos they’ve done, but you can easily find them if you’re interested. Here is the video that was aired on SNL this past Saturday (probably NSFW, even though this aired on TV at 12:40am):

This season of SNL has been really funny. I know it has its ups and downs and there was a period recently where it was boring except for when something The Lonely Island related was being aired. But between the great guest stars and political satire, I have enjoyed myself. I think there is a great cast, with one exception – Casey WIlson. She is a featured player and I realize that means she might be less experienced than the others but she’s awful. She gets on my nerves. She overacts and is never funny and hasn’t done one even half decent impersonation of anyone yet. And she’s had plenty of chances. For some reason, she’s been in a disproportionate amount of skits – not just for a newcomer, but period. There are some episodes where she is in almost every skit and it makes me wonder why.

Anyway, the Lonely Island is coming out with a CD, Incredibad, on February 10, 2009. Yes, I will own a copy. 😉

December 20, 2006

Justin Timberlake on SNL

Original entry and comments:

Justin Timberlake was so funny on SNL this past weekend. I really didn’t care either way that much when I found out he was hosting: I wasn’t that excited but wasn’t annoyed either. But he was great! He definitely won me over. Plus he was both hosting and performing. I can only imagine how much work goes into just hosting and being in every skit. But to add that he also performed and did a great job at both goes to show that he is multi-talented. I mean, he wasn’t the first to do this (Madonna and Britney Spears are examples of others who were both hosts and musical guests) but he was a host that was actually memorable in his skits.

The show hasn’t been that great lately as far as the skits go but Justin Timberlake and also Jason Lee hosting have helped it. Jason Lee in the skit “Good Morning Meth” is just too hilarious for words, especially since some of the stuff (sadly yet hilariously) reminds me of someone I used to be friends with. I can’t find the Jason Lee skit on or anywhere on the internet that I’ve searched. If anyone knows if and where the video is posted, I’d appreciate it if you let me know. Thanks.