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September 13, 2010

Recher Theatre – September 17

I will be making a guest appearance with Skitzo Calypso this Friday.
This will be the first time we’ve perform P.S.L.A in five years.
Come out! It’ll be a great time. Check out and for more details.

July 21, 2007

Candlebox – Saturday, July 14. Winger fans getting a hard time.

A week ago, I saw Candlebox perform at the Recher Theatre in Towson, MD. To be honest, I wasn’t their biggest fan. I didn’t hate them, either. I was going because my boyfriend (Joey)’s birthday was that week. He loves them, so I bought us tickets. Well, I’m glad I went! I didn’t realize just how good the singer’s voice sounds. It’s better live than on CD. It’s really good – kind of soulful and bluesy. They weren’t just another grunge band. Their guitarist was impressive.

But something caught me off guard. The singer was acting flamboyant and effeminate. That’s definitely not a bad thing. It’s just funny because if you watch their videos from the nineties, it’s like a completely different person is their singer now: Not just the way he looks but the way he acts and moves. Yes, the rest of the band look a little different than back then. But that’s because styles have changed and they are older. But the singer was very different. He had on a black vest, tight black jeans (tight hip huggers that showed off his bulge), and these white cowboy-ish designer shoes that matched his belt. And the way he was moving and acting was completely different than how he did in the 90s. He was practically doing the jazz hands. Every time he moved his hands, they were really flimsy. Like, when he put his hand to his ears to be like “I can’t hear you” to the audience, he did it in this flimsy way. He reminded me of the lead singer of the Scissor Sisters. I like his stage presence, though! I think I like it better than how he used to act. They were awesome. Just not what I expected.
They did an encore and did “Breathe” by Pink Floyd. The lead singer didn’t sing it though. It was the lead guitarist who sung it. The singer came back on stage after “Breathe” was over. (I think the singer had to go to the bathroom or something. That’s just my theory).

Compare these two videos to get an idea of what I’m talking about. The second video isn’t that great and doesn’t really show just how flamboyant he was. But you get an idea:

Candlebox Performing “Arrow” at WOODSTOCK ’94

Candlebox “YOU”. Raleigh, August 5, 2006.

Joey and I.   Joyce and I.
Joey and I.                              Joyce and I.

Before Candlebox started, this meat-head asshole came up to Joey and was giving him a hard time because Joey was wearing a Winger shirt. So I told him off and we walked away. We were on our way to walk up front when this happened. Later on in the show, the asshole somehow comes all the way up to the front of the stage where we are. (The club was really packed from front to back, so this is harder to do than you might think. Plus, I don’t know how he would have even spotted us). Anyway, he started putting his arm around Joey and then tried to be friends with him. It was really weird. I noticed after he came up front that the back of his shirt said “Back door is best”. What?!

Poor Winger fans. They’ve been getting a hard time for years. Remember this from Beavis and Butt-head?

Stewart from Beavis and Butthead

Read this funny explanation from Wikipedia about the whole Winger thing:

Stewart is usually depicted wearing a Winger t-shirt (as opposed to the heavier Metallica and AC/DC shirts that Beavis and Butthead wore) which helps characterize him as out of touch, as Winger was/is not thought highly of in the Heavy Metal subculture. As a result, Winger became a subject of ridicule in the mid 1990s. According to the documentary “Taint of Greatness: Part 2” on the Mike Judge Collection Volume 2 DVD, this was due to Winger telling MTV he would not let the show make fun of him. This has been cited as a reason for the band losing popularity. About the same time Lars Ulrich of Metallica could be seen throwing dart on a poster of Kip Winger in the video for Nothing Else Matters. When asked about this Kip Winger once stated: “Our band was known to musicians, and a lot of musicians showed up to see me play – watching trying to figure out how I’m playing – we were like the ‘hair band’ Dream Theater — That is why it’s the great irony that we ended up on that geeky guy’s shirt on Beavis & Butthead, because Metallica couldn’t play what we play, they couldn’t do it, they literally – technically couldn’t do it. And I’ll fucking challenge those chumps to that any day of the week that they couldn’t go back and play our shit, but we could play theirs with our hands tied behind our back. And so, I was a little t’d off about that, but in the end, none of that shit matters…”

When I worked at Bibelot in the music section (1999-2001), I found a solo CD by Kip Winger. It was in the New Age section.

May 30, 2007

This past Memorial Day weekend

Most of the memorial days of the past several years, I have had to work. This year, I had the day off. So I was all excited.  The times when I had to work, there were always great parties, cookouts, shows, etc. going on.  It seemed like I was missing out on the “party of the year”.  So guess what? This year when I have off, there is nothing worthwhile happening.  LAME.

But the weekend all-in-all wasn’t bad.  Friday though, I didn’t go out. I had to take my mom to the hospital. She’s doing better. She recently had shingles, and some people have excruciating pain  and unbearable itchiness weeks, months, or years afterward.  She was absolutely screaming in pain.  I felt so horrible that I couldn’t take that pain away for her.  She said the pain is the worst pain she’s ever felt – even more severe than childbirth.  She has permanent nerve damage and her eye is messed up. She also has red scars that might never completely go away. I hate illnesses so much.

Saturday, I saw Lennex at the Recher Theatre.  They are always great. But hardly anyone was there for them, which I found odd. Then I realized it was because everyone apparently decided to go out of town for the weekend, yet no one I actually knew was out of town. So where was everyone? There were a bunch of people there for the band that went on right before Lennex, a band called Ashes Remain.  You’d think they were a hardcore band by the name, but they were somewhat of a jam band with more mainstream appeal.  The Ashes Remain fans that stuck around for Lennex actually seemed pretty impressed, which was awesome considering the two different styles and the fact that they really seemed like they were just there for the band they came to see.

Sunday, my friend Adam and I went to a bunch of different bars. Hardly anyone we knew was out.  It wasn’t until we went to the Depot that we had an awesome time. I got to see some people I hadn’t hung out with in a while.  I only had two drinks – an amaretto sour (which is what I almost always order these days) and a vodka martini with some of the nicest, biggest olives I’ve ever had. I had them at the Club Charles (which is right by the Depot).  The martini really snuck up on me because I was feeling “nice” the rest of the evening!

A friend of mine, Dave, was in town and I missed him. It sucked! He was at the Rec Room after Lennex but I had already left. He lost his phone and didn’t have my number anymore. When my other friend Dave called me to tell me he was there, I called but his number had been changed. By the time I finally got a hold of him, it was Sunday night and he had to get up early the next morning to drive back to North Carolina.  He’s a soldier now, so I don’t know when I will see him again. He’s one of those awesome people that I’d talk to forever about stuff. It’s always the quality people that go away.

May 4, 2004

Very busy in a good way these past couple weeks

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I know it’s been a while since I’ve updated. I’ve just been crazy busy with shows, work, and updating

Two Fridays ago was our show with Jimmies Chicken Shack at the Recher Theatre. That was so much fun. JCS played a long, great set and they were really chill guys. I also got to talk to Kahz from Jepetto for a little bit and met two of the guys from PMP. They did "Another Day" with JCS. It was awesome! The show was completely packed, it was insane. It’s the most people we’ve played to yet. The crowd was wild. They either loved us or hated us. I mean, we didn’t expect hardly anyone to get into it, considering we are a lot different than JCS and plus their fans are very devoted to them. We had a couple people towards the front who were like You Suck!, but the overwhelming majority of the people really liked us. I’ve never seen anything like it. People were tearing our posters off the walls and fighting over them and then got us to sign them. We sold a ton of merch too. I’m so glad that all these new people now have and are listening to our CD! Candace did "Indecision" with us and that totally pumped up the crowd.

The next day, we played the Vault w/Speedogs, Choosing Hands, and Infuseon. We went on early so we played and got to just relax and chill with our friends and watch cool bands the rest of the night. Adrian from HB told me that when I play it reminds him of that tale of the billygoats but he said he meant it in a good way. Hahaha I hope so.

Friday, David and I went to Gary’s bday party. I was gonna go there for a bit and then head on down to Brass Monkey for 51 Peg. But then I got a call from Karah saying that two of the bands didn’t show and they might be going on any minute. So we ended up not being able to go. Sucks but I know I’ll see them again soon at least 🙂 The party was fun though! I ate a burger and a hot dog and it was yummy. And of course drank. We just had a lot of fun being idiots and well, just being ourselves.

Then this past Saturday was Club 218 in Philly. I love Philly. We got there early and the club is on South Street, so we hung out there and went to all these cool stores. There were all these juggalos hanging out hahah which made me wonder if Philly was some huge ICP place or something, but it was ‘cuz Dark Lotus was playing TLA down the street. According to BryPies, they’re a juggalo band. I don’t even know. I saw the cops messin’ with some of them.. don’t know what that was about. And then there was the legalize pot protest goin’ on there. The show was awesome, met some cool bands from other states and met Arsenic from MD. There was this band, I don’t remember their name – on tour and from Arizona. I don’t like that many hippie type bands but this band was great. When we went on, the people there were awesome to us. Which is cool considering we didn’t know them. The management and label people gave us high marks and gave us a lot of goood advice about who to contact and how to do it. 😀 After we played, Kev and I decided to be stupid tourists and get ourselves some Philly cheesesteaks. And let me tell you, it was the most amazing cheesesteak I’ve ever eaten. I don’t know how I will eat one not from there again. Club 218 wants to book us some regular shows there in the future so that kicks ass. Philly rules.

Last night… our show with Brides of Destruction! The crowd there was fucking cool as hell and so were the bands! Amen’s set was sick man, they fucking rocked. They came out watched our whole set and said they were totally diggin’ us and they were so sweet. Their drummer (who has a hot British accent) made me kiss him on the cheek and he kissed me back and it was the cutest thing. Their bassist looks like a cross between Keith and my friend Jason from back in the day, which is funny ‘cuz both of them moved to L.A. That would be funny if he knew both of them. Brides of Destruction kicked ass! They did a full set of just B.O.D. songs. Then the first encore was L.A. Guns tunes and Tracii Guns teased the crowd with some G’n’R riffs. The second encore was all Motley Crue songs and me and the boyz were goin’ nuts during this. Especially Brad. Brad was in heaven, lemme just tell you. Brad loves 80s rock with a passion. I think he almost went into shock when he hung out with them on their tour bus. BOD were cool guys. Nikki Sixx looks damn good, too. When we were backstage with him, I felt like I was watching things I would see on Behind the Music or on movies. I’ve seen lotsa crazy shit go on with bands before, but that is nothing compared to this. I felt like it was the 80s. Roadies and security giving passes to certain girls in the audience who they thought were hot and letting them back. And they were acting crazy. Some of them even started arguing and I guess fighting over Nikki. A couple girls were throwing themselves (one quite literally) at Brad but he was of course not into that. It was hilarious though. Definitely an experience. The bands were the only guys back there. One girl tried to sneak back and their people kicked her out and yelled to security not to let the "fat bitch" back in. My lord! Amen and their manager invited us back to their hotel room after the show which was cool. But we didn’t stay long ‘cuz we were kinda beat and plus we knew they were tired and had to be up in a few hours to get ready to go to NY. I wanna see Amen again right now. I can’t wait ’til whenever it is they come back to Baltimore. I hope it’s soon.


January 19, 2004

CD Release weekend

This weekend was friggin’ amazing.

Friday night I went to see David’s band To A Science. They were sooooooooo good. The first song was so tight with all the instruments and the three part harmonies that I swear it sounded like a CD playing. They had a great turnout as well and the crowd was way into it. I’m so happy for them! Afterwards, we went to Drew’s afterparty for a lil’ bit and that was maaaaaaaad crowded like whooooah. Then David and I left to go get some food at Nautilus Diner.

Saturday… OUR CD RELEASE PARTY! Well, yeah it fucking snowed and sleeted and all that bad stuff. Which sucked ass. A ton of people who were definitely coming couldn’t come. Especially cuz most of our fans are from Harford Co. and apparantly that got hit really badly and the roads weren’t salted. Bahhh… But we still had a great turnout and even Paul Manna said he was so impressed that we had so many people, esp. in bad weather. Still havin’ a few hundred people show up ain’t bad, hehe. YAY! Matt Davis ended up not being able to host the show cuz the DJ @ 98 Rock who was supposed to be on the air that night had some kind of emergency… something about his friend getting in an accident and dying or something. I’m not really sure but it sounded horrible. So Matt had to go on the air and couldn’t come out. He’s done sooo soo much for us though and for local music period. He rules… Another Lincoln, Halfway Broken, and Leafless all did a great job! I couldn’t be happier with how the night was aside from the snow. Thanks so much to all the kids who came out against their parents discretion hahaha and for asking for hugs and autographs! You guys are truly amazing. Candace – I have so much fun with you when we play. We seriously gotta hang out at some shows together (and of course SHOPPING!). Are you coming to Fletchers tonight?

Sunday, was our last Noise in the Basement airing as Band of the Month. Gary was interviewed on the air. Thanks to 4 Ten and e54 who gave us props last night on the air. You guys own! I am excited to find out who will be the next Band of the Month. The votes will be counted tonight. I’m gonna miss it being us, though hahaha. It’s been hella fun. Whoever is next, be prepared for many good things to come. Even if you don’t get it, just playing the shows at Fletchers and all the fun you have with everyone there and plus all the promotion on 98 Rock makes it more than just worthwhile.

January 15, 2004

Skitzo Calypso CD Release this Saturday @ Recher Theatre!

Subject: Skitzo Calypso CD Release this Saturday @ Recher Theatre!
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This weekend is going to rule…

Ya’ll BETTER Be fucking out to reprazent. Skitzo Calypso CD Release Party at the Recher Theatre, this Saturday Jan. 17. Also playing with us are our friends Halfway Broken, Another Lincoln, and Leafless. This show’s gonna be fucking rockin’ and if you don’t know.. you better asssssk someone, fool! I keed, I keed but seriously this show will be well worth the measley $5 and you can pick up the new Skitzo CD "The Shattering"! Matt Davis of 98 Rock will be there to intro the band to the stage. Doors are at 8 PM, Skitzo on @ Midnight. We are out of presale tix, so make sure you get there at a decent time.

Sunday, we will be interviewed live on 98 Rock (97.9 FM Baltimore – Noise in the Basement w/Matt Davis @ 11 PM and he will be spinning a new track from "The Shattering". This will be our last week as 98 Rock’s Band of the Month so fucking listen, ok?! If you’ve listened to 98 Rock in the past couple weeks you’ve prob heard our lil’ commercial they’ve had running. Thank you, 98 Rock!

And no it’s not just all about Skitzo – make sure your asses are out on Friday @ Recher to see To A Science (f/ex-Cylix, ex-Exrate .. whoa that’s a lot of ex’s) b/c that show is definitely one not to be missed either.

Fuck man I’m just pumped right now so I’m just a typin’ away….