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November 6, 2008

My thoughts on the 2008 election

I am proud to be an American. I am proud of this country. I think we made the right choice for President.

Election day Tuesday and the day after were days you could feel such excitement in the air. I went to the polls before work since I had school after work and thought that would be the only chance I had to do it. I couldn’t find a close parking spot. I waited in line for a while. It was crowded. And you know what, THAT’S HOW IT SHOULD BE! I was glad! It felt great to not be the only young person there. It felt awesome the vibe that I felt from others. You would think with so many people in a small area that problems would arise, but people were respectful. It was an exciting time. I remember when I first voted in the 2000 elections (that was the first election I could vote), I barely waited. There was hardly anyone there. The person there who was closest to me in age was about 35 years older than me. In 2004, it was definitely more crowded than the previous presidential election, but this year I think there were even more people there. And again, more young people were there. People younger than me were there.

One thing I keep hearing is that no matter who or how you were voting, people were respectful at the polling places. I’m really glad to hear that. I really wouldn’t know firsthand because my voting area is overwhelmingly Democrat. (And those who aren’t Democrat are Green, independent, Libertarian, etc. I think there are more of the independent and "third" party voters than Republicans in my area). For a couple mile radius around where I live, you see Obama signs everywhere. I have not seen one McCain sign. In front of the elementary school where I voted, there were nothing but Obama Biden signs and Vote No on Question 2 signs. (FYI, I voted yes on Question 2 and most of Maryland also voted yes, allowing slots in the state). I didn’t see as many people standing out front with literature or stickers as before. Then again, I think I went earlier than previous years. When I walked in, I only saw one man. We talked briefly and he handed me some literature. I realized he was Maryland Delegate Stephen W. Lafferty. He also gave me an Obama/Biden sticker. I did see two more ladies who were together standing in front as I was leaving but that’s it.

When I arrived to work, there was excitement in the air. Almost everyone had either voted or they went after work. "I voted" stickers were seen on a bunch of employees. I walked around smiling all day. i felt this connection to the people I work with, even those I barely know.

When I went to school, several students either arrived late or were absent. My teacher, who is otherwise not lenient, said he expected this and he ended class short so that those who didn’t vote yet would have a chance. I thought that was cool.

When I went home, I immediately went online and turned on the television. I had to know what was happening. Obama was ahead. Obama was way ahead. I had hope that Obama would win, but I was afraid of voter fraud and all that. And I thought we wouldn’t know for days. I thought that whoever won would only do so by a few electoral votes. But not only did Obama win, he won by a lot. The media knew he won before they called it. They announced it at 11:01 PM EST, which was 8:01 PST and the polls on the west coast were closed. They didn’t want to announce it while polls there were still open.

I was so excited! I couldn’t believe we already had an answer. I wanted to run around yelling in joy. In 2000, when the Ravens won the Superbowl, the people of Baltimore went outside and ran in the streets, partying and celebrating the victory. I wanted to do the same thing on Tuesday night for Obama.

Every few seconds, I would refresh my screen on the homepage of MySpace. The status messages were pouring in with people being so happy about Obama winning. There were only a very few who posted status updates that were upset that he won. Most were glad (in my friends list anyway). I loved seeing people’s enthusiasm. Even the people who were upset, it was good to see them even caring enough to post about it.

I even liked McCain’s concession speech. You know, I think McCain would have been a better President than Bush if McCain had won the nomination and then the presidency back in 2000. I’m not saying I know for sure whether or not he would have been a great president, but I think he would have been better than Bush.

Wednesday morning at work, you could feel how the company was in a great mood. Most people did not reveal who they were voting for. A lot of people would talk about voting but not say anything about what their views were. They wanted to stay professional. Well, that pretty much went out the window when everyone was like "I’m so glad Obama won!" 

So I’m happy about who won the Presidency. I’m happy about how some of the local Maryland issues turned out. I am bummed about how several states voted to disallow gay marriages. I thought Prop 8 in California would have been voted No (no means you’re not in support of banning it), but most people voted Yes. It makes some feel that if California couldn’t get the proposition defeated, what state really has a chance in the future? But I have hope that someday gays will be able to get married or at least civil unions with the same rights throughout the United States and that we will look back at the time when it wasn’t legal as one of our crazy, close-minded mistakes.

April 26, 2008

Apparently, I’m too old to date anyone

Angel’s Rockbar attracts some of the biggest douche bags from all over Baltimore and the surrounding metropolitan area. I’ve been going the past couple Thursday nights, though. Because the crowd isn’t as horrible and they have good local bands on those nights.

Some guy comes up to me this past Thursday night. He hits on me, makes small talk, and asks how old I am. I tell him I’m 26. Dude just walks away. I wasn’t interested in him. But what the hell? His friend was like “Well, we thought you were like, 22, at the oldest”. And the guy was about 29 himself. Laaaaaame. Then his friend proceeds to just be like “Why did you get a lip ring? That means you wanna get laid, right?” That’s when I walked away.

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May 15, 2007

Baltimore is number 15th city for rude drivers

Speaking of rude and polite drivers, there’s an Associated Press article that just came out today that rates the cities with the rudest drivers. It’s based on a survey, so who really knows the accuracy of the results, but it’s interesting to know.

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May 15, 2007

Polite/Rude Drivers

This morning on my way to work, I let someone over and they actually waved thank you. That hasn’t happened in months. Of course, the rest of the way to work, not only was I never thanked but I was rudely and dangerously cut off several times. Oh well.

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June 16, 2004

Very rude beggars

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Subject: Homeless.
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Anyone who lives in a big city or who has been through one has most likely been asked for money from a stranger. Usually the people are nice. Or at least pretend to be. They’re like "God bless you" even if you don’t give them change. Sometimes they’re too nice to the point of it being annoying. Well…

The other night, I was walking in Fells Point. I walked by these two females who were standing by a stop sign. One yelled rudely "GIMME MONEY!" while the other was like "BUY ME SOME FOOD!". Less than two seconds later, after my not answering them and walking by, one yelled "FUCK YOU, BITCH!" while the other was like "YOU UGLY ASS". Pissed off, I was like "Who the fuck do you think you are, at least I’m not a homeless ass." The one female like gasped haha. I don’t think she expected me to say anything back. So I get into my car and as I’m pulling out of my spot they stand in front of the parking spot while smacking their asses to me. And I said "Why don’t you sell that for money?" And the girl actually smiled as if I had paid her a compliment.

Moral of the story is if you’re going to ask for something from someone, be nice. If you’re mean not only are you not going to get anything but people are going to think you must not need it that badly anyways so they won’t even feel bad about not giving you any thing. I shouldn’t have made a comment about the person being homeless but I’m just human. If you piss me off and are disrespectful to me for no reason, I’m gonna disrespect you right back.

Not all homeless people are huge assholes. A lot of them are nice people who for different reasons, ended up in bad situations. But it’s the few bad homeless people that ruin it for the rest of them. I don’t give money to anyone anymore ‘cuz I don’t want to get screwed over. A friend of mine reached in his wallet to give someone a dollar and the person snatched a $20 that was in his hand and ran off with it. Once, I had gotten food from a place and outside was a homeless lady. She said she was hungry so I gave offered to give her some of my food. Rolling her eyes and not even being thankful at all, she said "You can afford to buy me something bigger than that". That’s when I walked off and she got nothing.

Speaking of food, I’m excited. They just opened up a Long John Silver by my place! I’m gonna go there in an about an hour. I haven’t had LJS since I was in Ohio. It sounds gross but it’s good. It’s fast food seafood. I love seafood.