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November 6, 2008

My bday, Halloween show

I know I haven’t updated in a minute. This always seems to happen to me when I have the most things going on in my life to report. That’s when I don’t have time to post because I’m busy living life.

My 27th Bday:
It was fun and low-key this time. I just had a few close friends with me at the bowling alley. Yes, rock and bowl birthday. Fun times.

I thought a few years ago that this would be a year I would have a freak out. But I did not. Yay to me. Why would I have possibly freaked? When I was younger, 27 seemed like a landmark age.
For one, lots of influential musicians have died at this age. I didn’t think at any time that I’d be dying at 27 or anything like that. But I’d look up to these artists for accomplishing so much and so if they were able to achieve that by age 27, then that must not be all that young. I also thought of them as much older. What’s weird is when I think about people such as Kurt Cobain or Jim Morrisson, both of whom were my age when they passed away, I still think of them as being older than me. It’s hard for me to wrap my head around the fact that they were the same age. Even when I think about Biggie Smalls and Tupac Shakur, who were 24 and 25 when they died, I still think of them as being older than me.

The age of 27 also held significance because of other random other things that I can remember. When I was in high school, Limp Bizkit were the biggest selling rock band at the time. And I remember people discussing how it was weird how Limp Bizkit didn’t really get famous until Fred Durst was about 27, which they claimed "is so much later in life than other rock stars".
Back when I was in my first "real" rock band, I remember having a discussion with one of my bandmates. He asked me how much longer would I want to be out there regularly playing shows before calling it a day, settling down, and getting married. He said if he didn’t get a record deal by age 27, then he was calling it quits. [He has not called it quits and he is 29 🙂 ].

But I know that 27 isn’t old by any means. I have barely gotten my feet wet in my life. Sure, I’ve done a lot of things that I’m proud of/happy about, but there are many more that are yet to happen. As you live life and time passes, your perception of things will evolve and change, and the age 27 isn’t really so scary to me anymore.

Angel Dust @ Fletcher’s on Halloween
Angel Dust, my Faith No More tribute band, played Fletcher’s on Halloween.

Angel Dust’s members: Brandon Thomas (of Phantom Communique and formerly of Bleed the Dream) – vocals, Boyitz (of 7 Days Torn) – bass, Dawson (of Heroes of the Dawm and formerly of Victory Twin) – drums, Derrin (Heroes of the Dawn) – guitar, and Me (keyboards).

I thought we rocked, haha. The other bands were awesome as well. It was great to see Keith Thompson front a band in Ghouls Night Out! The vibe from the crowd was great, most of the people there were in costume, and I saw some friends of mine who I hadn’t seen in a while. I love Halloween. I was dressed as Lil’ Red Riding Hood.

Here are some pics from the show. The rest are in this MySpace photo album.

It looks like Angel Dust will turn out to be one of those one time things. We were planning to play a couple shows a month just for fun, but Brandon has decided he’s moving back to L.A. again.

There are more cool things that happened, but those are the main things.

December 11, 2007

Finals week is here already

It’s finals week. I shouldn’t have went out last night, but I pretty much had to because A Freudian Slip was playing Fletcher’s. They sounded very tight and the place was packed. It was almost too packed. The downstairs after party was really fun. I can’t believe they’re turning it into a restaurant. I’m going to miss it.

I have to give a presentation before (or as part of) my final tomorrow evening. So I’m going to be putting it all into a powerpoint file after work tonight. I’m almost done with this semester. I have some good (productive) things planned for the winter break. Although I also want to go out and be stupid for some of the time.

On an unrelated note, the west coast seems to have more ideal weather for me, but for some reason NYC has been calling my name lately. 

December 5, 2007

Thought I had my final project finished. But noooo…

I’ve been spending the past… I don’t know how many days… working on my final project for one of my classes. I originally thought I had less than a half hour of work left to do yesterday, which was good because I was trying not to do everything at the last minute. Basically, I just had to make some aesthetic edits and add a small bit of information. But then that turned into me re-doing other things and then getting last minute ideas of adding new sections altogether. So I ended up staying awake until about 3 A.M. last night completing it. I missed the shindig at Fletcher’s (the downstairs part is turning into more of a restaurant and so there was a “final party”). But I didn’t mind all that much because I was doing something productive in its place.

But then my teacher canceled our class tonight because of the snow. The college isn’t closed, but my class isn’t happening. And because of not having class tonight, she says she doesn’t want to us be completely off the hook. So she gave us all this other stuff we have to add to the final project that will be due next week. I thought I was done and now I’m not. Oh well. There are worse fates.

I would have rather had class to be honest with you, haha.

November 23, 2007

Thanksgiving yesterday

I helped my mother prepare the feast. Her cooking is the best – no offense to anyone else. Whenever I eat anyone else’s Thanksgiving leftovers, while it may be good, I just think about how much better my mom’s cooking is compared to theirs. I can’t help it!

My samchoon/sungmo/and cousins came over. (Samchoon is the Korean word for Uncle. Sungmo is the Korean word for Aunt. By the way, Emo is the word for maternal aunt).  It was really good to see them. It’s crazy how much older the three of my cousins have become. The oldest is 17 and in her senior year of high school in the magnet program of Towson High Law and Public Policy. She’s figuring out which colleges to attend. She scored an 800 on the Math portion of her SATs. For those of you who are unaware, 800 is the highest you can get in each the math and verbal portions (which is why 1600 is a perfect score). I remember as if it wasn’t that long ago when she was three years old and she was solving Algebra problems and fully understanding it. 

Now you know why I say I suck at math. Sure, I’m better than most people in America. But compared to my mom’s side of the family, I’m horrible. My mother and brother were exceptional at math. Yes, I may have gotten good grades in it. I even took A/P Statistics my senior year of high school. But it did not come easily to me. Unlike English or Social Studies, I actually have to try at Math and study hard. I actually blame part of it on the bad Baltimore County Public School System because I know they teach completely differently than they do in Dayton, Ohio. But that’s something to get into another time.

Now, back to Kathy. What I love is that she isn’t going to college for anything math or law related. She’s applying to art schools! This is the best! My family is composed of these book smart people who are passionate about the arts (music or visual arts). And we are so stereotypically Asian in this sense haha! I don’t know if that’s a good or bad thing. But it is what it is.

Last night, I went to see gODHEAD play an acoustic set at Fletcher’s. It was a good show. There weren’t that many people there at all. I think a lot of people were just lethargic after the Thanksgiving meal. Or else they were one of the crazies who were standing in line to shop for Black Friday.  Plus, there I’m guessing a lot of people were out of town. But I had fun because the people who were there were awesome and the music was good.

November 20, 2007

I killed a bunny last night

    Saturday night was the Lennex show at the Stone Cellar in Ellicott City. Do I need to describe that I had a good time? No. That’s a given.
    I went to Fletcher’s last night to see Oddzar and Truth Be Told. Great music and fun times. The place had a good amount of people for a Monday night, but it wasn’t packed. But it was better that way. Quality over quantity. For real. A lot of the people who went to the Lennex show were there.
    Of course, I did my typical “I’m leaving after the bands are done! I have to work tomorrow” thing. Then it was “Okay, I’ll go downstairs. But only for a minute!” And eventually it was “Well, it’s 1:30, I might as well stay until close”. And then the “I shouldn’t be outside talking, I will only get a few hours of sleep” situation happened. At least I turned down going to some of the afterparties.
Mike Miller from gODHEAD showed up later. He was hanging out downstairs. He’s a nice guy. gODHEAD are on tour with Jonathan Davis and played at the 9:30 Club earlier that night. They’re playing an acoustic set Thanksgiving evening at Fletcher’s (not with Jonathan Davis) and I’ll be there. I’m looking forward to it.
    I was in a great mood all night. But during the drive home, I hit a bunny! I tried not to hit him, but he just ran so quickly that even though I braked and swerved, it didn’t do any good. Still, I’m not happy about that. I’m surprised it was a bunny. I haven’t seen too many in that area of Mount Washington before. I’ve actually been slightly worried that I might hit a deer or fox because they are everywhere in my neighborhood since they turned the golf course and the quarry into neighborhoods for the wealthy. The animals’ homes are gone now and so they just run into the street. I feel badly for the animals, especially since they are so cute! Haha, I know it shouldn’t matter what they look like. But still, it makes it even sadder. I didn’t even know there were foxes in this area until they built those $600,000 houses. Rich people ruining everything! (JK). 

Edit (4:04 PM EST) – I forgot to mention that I won the Retarded Dance Contest last night. I know that’s not a politically correct name for something, but I didn’t make up the name. And I should mention I didn’t have much competition haha.

October 24, 2007

My birthday is tomorrow

I’ll be another year older tomorrow. I need a new computer. Please buy me one as a birthday gift. It has to be Apple. (Do not argue with me, it does). I want one of the new iMacs. I’ll take the cheapest iMac model. I don’t even need a MacPro. Just an iMac. Please. PLEASE? PLEASE!
My musical recordings are suffering with the computer I have now.

Or you could come hang out with me at the downstairs portion of Fletcher’s for Vain. It is the final Vain. It’s free. And I’ll be there. You can attend it and that’ll be your gift to me.

You can do one or the other for me. You decide.

December 28, 2006


Original entry and comments:

I didn’t do anything too exciting this year but I can’t complain. On Christmas, I went over to my mother’s and had dinner. It was good to spend time with her. And I talked to some relatives I hadn’t spoken with in a long time over the phone.

I almost didn’t go to my mother’s because I have been sick and I wasn’t feeling well on Christmas. I had to take a nap before I went there and I didn’t stay long because it hurt to even sit up. For more than two and half weeks now I’ve been sick and in pain. I have an infection that spread to my neck, shoulders, back, spine (spine is the most painful area with this illness), and even into my thighs, legs, and arms.

I do feel like I am getting better though. Slowly. I just hope that I am feeling better or at least decent by New Years Eve. If I have to stay home, I will be very angry! I bought tickets to see Lennex/Agents of the Sun at Fletchers. It should be a good show!

December 9, 2004

Upcoming shows


September 28, 2004

Monday nights

Mood : content
Music : Mr. Bungle “Nothing Compares 2 U”

I’ve come to the conclusion that Fletchers on Mondays rocks. I came to this conclusion before. But this was re-affirmed tonight. Even when hardly anyone is there and people are at home watching football, crazy stuff still happens. Oh yes how it does.

February 13, 2004

Skitzo Calypso tomorrow @ Fletchers w/Imbue, 51Peg, Rezin!

[1:58 pm]
Subject: Skitzo Calypso tomorrow @ Fletchers w/Imbue, 51Peg, Rezin! 

Skitzo Calypso Updates: THIS SATURDAY, Feb. 14 – Come hate/celebrate Valentine’s Day at Fletchers with us, Imbue, 51 Peg, and Rezin. Dressing up is encouraged! (Though, not mandatory). Come dress in either traditional Valentine’s gear or wear some fetish attire (even dressing up as a fallen angel, cupid, vampire, femme fatale, opposite gender, etc. is very welcomed!) ALL AGES. Don’t give us the "I gotta hang with my gf that night" sh*t. Go out to dinner, come to the show, then take her home afterwards and do yo’ thang! We’ll help put ya in tha mood! Haha. If you’re single, come out and do some flirtin’! Either way… This is one show you don’t wanna miss!

Saturday, Feb. 14
Fletchers | Baltimore, MD | Doors: 8 PM, Show: 9, Skitzo: Midnight
w/Imbue, Rezin, 51 Peg
Ages: All Ages
Cost: $7


Saturday, Feb. 21
Coyotes | Seaford, DE | Doors: 8PM
96 Rock – Local Lixx w/Skip Dixxon to be aired the following week
Ages: 18+
Cost: Free !

Wednesday, March 24
Bottle and Cork | Dewey Beach, DE
Showcase. More info TBA.

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