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November 15, 2009

More photos of Bryan

Here are some recently-found photos of Bryan Burken.

These were taken by Victoria Troshina in 2001 at the apartment:
Bryan talking on the phone

Bryan's Cat, Kurt. Bryan and I

Bryan, Vicky, and I

Bryan and I at the apartment

This one is another one taken by Jim Lucio.
It was around 2004 at the Talking Head with his friend Nicole:
Bryan-Nicole, Talking Head, circa 2004

September 23, 2009

Video in Memory of Bryan Burken

Here is a video tribute of Bryan Burken. It has pictures of him, along with his photography.

The video is also on YouTube:

I posted some photographs of Bryan in a previous blog entry. I’ve added 3 more pictures since I originally posted it. You can view that here.

September 2, 2009

In Remembrance of Bryan B

On August 22nd, Bryan B passed away. He was a close friend of mine and he positively changed my life in many different ways. He was certainly taken from this world far too soon. I miss him terribly. I will never meet anyone else like him.

Here are some photos of Bryan. All of them were taken by Jim Lucio:

May 29, 2005

Bryan Burken
80s Prom Night at the Ottobar. June 2005.

The final Underground at the Ottobar. November 2006.

This was also taken outside the Ottobar the same night.
I remember I was standing in front of him while it was being taken.

Update – New Photographs added September 23, 2009:

There is also a video tribute to Bryan here: Video in Memory of Bryan Burken