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August 15, 2007

I want one of the new iMacs

          I’m a Mac.                                     I’m a PC.

I want one of the new iMacs so badly. Not only are the computer and new keyboard amazing, but the new software Apple has released is awesome. I played around with that at the Apple store this past weekend and it made me wish I had the money so I could go home with one.
I’m planning on buying one in October. That’s when I estimate I’ll have the money and that’s when Leopard (OS X 10.5) comes out anyway.

I might post video blogs here and there after I get the computer. It comes with iSight and iMovie, so that I can do all that. Yeah, I have a digital video camera now but it’s crappy. What do you think? Should I make a video post here and there after I get the computer? Or do you find video blogs annoying?

What’s funny is I somehow ended up on Dell’s mailing list. I got one of their catalogs in the mail today. I’m thinking that maybe my school sold them my information. I can’t think of how else I got on there.

July 23, 2007

iMac G4 design vs. the iMac G5/Intel design

The first computer is an Apple iMac G4. The second one is the latest iMac available: it has an Intel Core 2 Duo processor. (This looks almost the same as the iMac G5). 

I know the newer version is a much better computer.  I know that the newer version also takes up less space  and is more practical. But judging each computer strictly for its looks only, I like the G4 better. I think it’s a prettier piece of furniture. Does that sound weird? When I first saw the design of the G5, I was thinking “Wow, that’s amazing how they can fit the whole computer in such a small space.  But it doesn’ t look as cool”. 

In the end, that doesn’t matter, though. I’d much rather have the newer one.

July 20, 2007

Old Skool iPhone

I came across this by accident last night when I was doing a google search about something completely unrelated. I don’t know the accuracy or reputation of this site since most of it is written in a language which I don’t speak/read, but this is still an interesting article.

The very first iPhone

In late June, the iPhone hit the US market. Apple aficionados queued for days to be first in line to get their greedy little paws on the long awaited gadget. fudder-employee Marc Esslinger is an Apple-fan as well . also because he has a very special relationship to Apple. His father Hartmut Esslinger designed the famous Apple IIc, which was Apples first portable computer (1984). fudder presents Marc’s personal Apple-Story and a Photo-Gallery with partly never before seen Apple-Designs of the early 80s. For example: The very first iPhone from 1983.

Photo-Gallery: frog design