Social Networking Czar

A lot of people are freaking out at the “news” that Obama doesn’t write his own tweets. Did everyone really think he did? And you know what, I want to be Obama’s social networking czar. I’d be good at it, too! lol.

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2 Comments to “Social Networking Czar”

  1. I think it would be sad if Obama had time to twitter. Very sad.

  2. That’s what I’m thinking. How would he even have time? It sometimes amazes me how he even has the time and energy to do the things he does do. Plus, they aren’t just simple tweets. They usually have a link to an article or something, so it’s not as if he is just quickly sending tweets from his Blackberry. I don’t see how people are so surprised that someone is writing them on his behalf. It was never even written in a way that one would think it was from him.

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