My favorite lesser-remembered MJ videos

Choosing a favorite Michael Jackson song is about as hard as having to choose a favorite song of all-time. Here are two of my favorite MJ videos that no longer get as much attention as, say, "Thriller".

Notice the fake newspaper headline in "Leave Me Alone" that appears:


6 Comments to “My favorite lesser-remembered MJ videos”

  1. Leave Me Alone is one of the videos I remember best from my childhood! I definitely remember seeing that one much more than Thriller.

  2. I remember seeing all the videos from “Bad”, especially “The Way You Make Me Feel”. I used to wish I was that girl in the video, haha.

  3. this is one of my favorites too. there was a show on vh1 yesterday all about mj videos and it reminded me just how genius this video is.

  4. I knoww. Everyone just talks about “Thriller”, which was also a GREAT video, but he had many other epic ones!

  5. yeah the show i was watching was called “michael jackson: king of videos” or something along those lines. don’t forget about “remember the time”, “black or white”, and “smooth criminal”, all great videos with amazing choreography and using the best technology available at the time. when a new mj video came out, everyone watched it and was impressed, it was an event!

  6. I remember “Smooth Criminal” and the anti-gravity lean! I think Usher tried to copy that in one of his videos. Yes, it was def an event. I remember when “Black or White” premiered. I sat in front of the TV with my family and we were amazed at the faces morphing at the end.

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