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June 30, 2009

The “Beat It” Shirt

I have wanted this shirt since as long as I can remember. I’m not exaggerating in the slightest. I saw the "Beat It" video repeatedly as a young child. Since I was already taking piano lessons at that time, when I saw Michael Jackson’s shirt, I wanted one so much. And now I can have my own. 

"beat it" shirt

Now, which size do I order? What if I order the wrong size? Ahh, the blessing and curse of internet clothes shopping.

Here is Michael in the shirt:

Look: Even Weird Al had a similar one in the "Eat It" video:

Wait a minute. If you look at the keyboard divider image that divides each blog entry here on my journal, it looks kind of similar to the shirt. I made the logo myself and didn’t even think about the MJ shirt. Perhaps it was embedded in my subconscious? Haha. 

June 27, 2009

My favorite lesser-remembered MJ videos

Choosing a favorite Michael Jackson song is about as hard as having to choose a favorite song of all-time. Here are two of my favorite MJ videos that no longer get as much attention as, say, "Thriller".

Notice the fake newspaper headline in "Leave Me Alone" that appears:

June 26, 2009

MJ albums already back in the top-sellers lists

MJ iTunes  mj vids 6-26-09

It doesn’t surprise me at all that the Top Albums section on iTunes is filled with Michael Jackson albums already. Even Invincible (which, by the way, I thought was a great albumis at #21. "Thriller" helped bring the music industry out of a large sales funk when it was released. (Don’t believe me? Read this. Michael comes in on page 8). Maybe Jackson’s music will do it again posthumously.

June 26, 2009

“why “


June 18, 2009

Writer’s Block: You’re a Winner!

In the first grade, there was a school carnival during the weekend and I won $200 in a raffle.

In the summer of 1999, I was in a clothing store in the Atlanta, Georgia area. There was a drawing to win an iMac. A couple months later when I was back in Baltimore, I found out that I had one a blueberry iMac! This actually altered my life a lot. For one, I wasn’t that interested in computers before this. Sure, I was one of the first people at my school to start using the internet in 1994 when it was still uncommon. But I didn’t care much about the programs on the computer or anything other than just signing onto AOL. I found that even using basic, common applications was a huge headache and I just didn’t really "get" computers, how they worked, why they behaved in a certain way, and why they kept crashing, haha! Getting an Apple computer changed all that. I found out I was just not into Windows but I immediately took a liking to my iMac and the Mac OS (which was OS 8 at the time). I started using programs on there and learned a lot about computers and eventually ended up taking classes in college in Interactive and Graphic Design. I am now majoring in Information Technology at school. I use my computer for many different reasons now, including recording my music. Being comfortable with this technology has changed me personally and professionally. Having a better grasp at the Mac OS helped me to eventually become better at understanding Windows as well. I still need to become familiar with Linux but that will happen in the not-too-distant future as I have to take a course in school on this anyway. 

It just goes to show you that little things can alter your life. If I had decided to not enter that contest or not even go to that store at all, I would not have won the computer and who knows what I would be majoring in at school right now, if anything.

June 17, 2009

Twitter takes away from my blogs

I have a lack of updates lately and part of that is because of being busy and a part of that is due to Twitter. My desire to create well-written, thought out entries has been replaced by trying to create cleverly-written 140 word or less messages. I need to get back into writing more in-depth posts. Just trying to think of what to write for this blog is harder than it would have been a few months ago. Twitter has helped me being more effective at communicating what I want to say in a condensed form but I also need to make sure I don’t lose my writing capabilities and my ability to explain something in-depth.