I’m the slowest porcupine in town…

And now, for your viewing enjoyment, a little something we like to call "Porcupine Racetrack".


8 Comments to “I’m the slowest porcupine in town…”

  1. it’s so awesome when other people love the state like i do. most people have no idea what i’m talking about if i mention it. porcupine racetrack is probably just about my favorite skit on there too. i’ve got a burned dvd of a lot of good skits, plus some vhs tapes that i recorded from tv back when that show was on.

  2. I LOVE THE STATE! The only thing that comes close to being that funny and clever (besides Stella/Reno 9-1-1) is the Lonely Island stuff. They’re writing/acting/directing/making music on SNL now and the digital shorts are hilarious. But the stuff they did before SNL was funny as hell, too. I also like some of Demetri Martin’s stuff but I haven’t really seen that many of his sketches – mostly just his stand-up.
    Remember when MTV was cutting edge and pushed boundaries? What happened? Even the segways in between commercials were funny and cool – the clay/animation stuff with the MTV logo.

  3. And I’m totally jealous that you have it in DVD. They keep on almost releasing it on DVD but then there are issues with it and it ends up not coming out.
    They have it on iTunes but it doesn’t include the original music. Do you have the pants skit with the Breeders “Cannonball” as the music? I love that skit! HAHA.

  4. i’m 99% sure i do have the pants skit on the vhs. i think i need to figure out how to convert vhs to dvd so i will actually watch it. it’s been a few years. the best thing about those old vhs tapes i made from mtv is that they do have the commercials on them. mtv is so crappy now!

  5. I’d like to see the commercials also, as geeky as that sounds.

  6. i actually have a vhs that i got from the dollar store a long time ago, all it has on it is mtv commercials. i completely forgot about it until just now.

  7. I love The State! It was one of the best shows ever!

  8. I knowww. I miss it so much.

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