Old concert ticket stubs


I found these tonight. These are just a few of the many concerts I’ve attended. Some have autographs on the back of which I’m not sure who signed them or phone numbers from people I don’t remember.

Go to http://flickr.com/photos/cherryteresa/3286640186/ to see notes about the shows.


8 Comments to “Old concert ticket stubs”

  1. deftones at nation and nine inch nails at merriweather were 2 of the best concerts i’ve ever been to!

  2. the deftones one, i still have the pictures from it on my wall. the was the one right after white pony came out and they had the meet and greet at towson record and tape traders. during the concert chino stood over top of heather on the rail and held her hand while singing “my own summer”. and after the concert we all (it was me, heather, joe, brent, and fil) met stef at the mcdonalds across the street and he bought joe a happy meal lol.
    nine inch nails at merriweather we had literally the best spot in the entire place, front row center of the pit. it had been so long since nin had done anything, and i’d never seen them live before. seeing/hearing a perfect circle for the first time ever was so awesome. it was just incredible, and heather caught trent’s water bottle.
    i miss the days of concerts like this, they don’t exist anymore!

  3. You’re right, most concerts aren’t like this anymore. It’s sad. It really is.
    I wanted to go to that RTT meet and greet so badly (I was “in love” with Chino at the time) but my car decided to break down THAT DAY of all days and I was so mad. Haha, Joe always did have that magical touch, didn’t he?
    The NIN show was so fun. I had lawn seats but I still enjoyed myself.
    Stupid economy and music industry sucking right now makes me so mad. I miss the good ol’ days!

  4. aww no that’s horrible, you missed the meet and greet. i didn’t even drive yet at the time, that was all brent. we did it all ridiculously early, i think we were done with the meet and greet and already camping out at nation by noon lol.
    i miss the camp outs too. rarely does anyone wanna do that anymore. it’s actually really fun to wait outside a venue for an exciting concert the entire day! as much as i tried to participate in, i missed out on a few choice moments too. like the extra nin concert in pa where joe got to meet trent, and the same thing happened with the second marilyn manson concert in pa where heather, karah, and her mom met marilyn manson and dita.
    my motto is still that i will do whatever i can to have a unique and amazing experience like those if at all possible, no matter the money, and as long as i don’t lose my job over it. those are the 2 that for whatever reason i wasn’t able to get to and i still regret it! unfortunately now it seems that all i’m left with is meeting actors from horror movies, musicians have gotten boring. there’s no stand-out new bands and bands really need to step it up on the performances as well.

  5. I was thinking about the camp outs, too. And I remember when you had to camp out for tickets. Not all shows were sold online. It’s convenient to be able to buy them online but at the same time it was so much fun camping out and meeting other fans. I remember the HFStival campbouts at Towson U. Sometimes it was just as fun as the actual concert, haha. Some people were camping out but just for the party – they weren’t even going to the festival.
    I haven’t seen or heard about Brent in forever. How’s he doing?
    You’re right about the artists not being too inspiring lately. There are some, but not compared to what it used to be like. So when I do find out of an artist who I really like, I usually go gaga over them because I’m just so thankful. Haha.

  6. i forgot about hfstival campouts! and they would sell out so quickly that lots of people couldn’t even get tickets. i don’t think i ever bought tickets for shows online back then. in a way it was much better the way they used to do it because now if a show is in high demand the scalpers get all the tickets and you can’t get them unless you wanna buy them on ebay for ridiculous prices. it’s all about who refreshed their page at the right time or clicked to buy it at exactly the right second. i haven’t seen or heard from brent in a really long time either. this is actually the first time i’ve thought of him in a while.

  7. I think if it’s a highly in-demand show, you should have to buy them in person (which means you’ll have to camp out). I remember the HFStival had a 4 ticket limit.
    And if it’s any other show, you can buy it online or in-person. That’s my two cents. Well, that’s if they actually care about scalpers.
    I’m guessing there is probably even software the scalpers use to get the tickets for those huge concerts and so most people don’t even stand a chance.

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