Random thought:  Sometimes, when I have a crush on someone and then realize I have no chance, it makes me end up disliking him, haha.

Even if he ends up liking me later on down the line and pursues me, I’ve convinced myself so much not to like that person that I’m usually just like Nope.


12 Comments to “Crush(ed)”

  1. Jeez that actually sounds kinda mean. But I honestly can’t imagine that many guys wouldn’t be interested in dating you anyway.
    I mean you are a pretty awesome girl attractive, talented and smart. What is not to like?

  2. Awwww, thank you! But the overwhelming majority of guys turn me down.

  3. WHAT!!! Who would turn you down? Have you ever thought that maybe they are intimidated by your intelligence? And hence not worthy of your attention.
    Of course sometimes even with the best looking person you just don’t have that spark. But that is life.

  4. Just about everyone turns me down, lol. But I appreciate your disbelief. 😉
    Someone actually told me that I was “intimidatingly smart”. I didn’t even know him that well at that point, so I don’t even know why he would think I was that smart, haha. But this guy liked me.
    You’re right, if someone thinks I’m too smart or they just don’t get me then they’re not worthy anyway – which is why I end up disliking them, lol.
    You’re right, you gotta have that spark. I’ve met some good looking guys who were nice and we had stuff in common and all… but if there wasn’t that spark, then I would just like them as friends.

  5. I used to be the same way, I dont like rejection. lol. We just have to find you a nice boyfriend, you should come out with rick and i sometime, do you ever go to elektroshock??

  6. I’m exactly the same way. When I have crushes on guys, especially ones that I’m friends with, it usually builds up in my head until I can’t not think about him. Eventually I tell him how I feel and as soon as I am rejected, that crush wipes away clean. Gone. Goodbye. Defense mechanism, I guess?

  7. I used to go a few years ago. I was gonna go last weekend but I texted Reich and he informed me that you two were sick so I ended up going to Spellbound with glittaChris.
    When’s the next time you guys are going?
    If you know any nice boyfriend material type guys, pass ’em along my way, lol.

  8. At least I’m not the only one! Yeah, I do think it’s probably a defense mechanism.

  9. Oh my someone else who likes and knows the hell Joydrop is!!! YAY!!! Go after the guy, what do you have to lose? Plus, if he doesn’t like an awesome chick like you it’s his fucking loss and he has no sense.

  10. if he doesn’t like an awesome chick like you it’s his fucking loss and he has no sense.
    That’s what I’M sayin’, lol!
    And yes, Joydrop was an awesome band.

  11. We’re going this weekend, you should defianlty go! and ill keep my eyes peeled for some cute guys for you (that arnt stupid idiots. lol)

  12. Thanks, I’ll let you know if I’m going. And thanks for keeping your eye out for me. =) What time do you guys usually get there?

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