CherryTeresa and the CherryTeresa Seven

I found out yesterday that The Roots will be the house band for Late Night with Jimmy Fallon. Having Conan replace Jay and Jimmy taking over the late spot I think will be good. I just hope they don’t make Conan lose his "edge" because he’s going on earlier.

You know, when I get older, I wouldn’t be upset if I ended up being a musician in one of those late night talk show bands, hehe. Ladies and Gentlemen, CherryTeresa and the CherryTeresa Seven! I wouldn’t even mind being one of the seven under someone else’s lead. I want to work in the GE Building in NYC someday anyway. Hey, it could happen. I wanted to work in one of the historic buildings in Brewers Hill with the Natty Boh logos on ’em and I am so :-P. If I did end up working in that building, I’d probably be all phobic at first because of it being a tall, historic landmark in NYC with lots of people in it and all.


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