Lug nuts

I just enrolled in AAA today. I’m waiting for someone to come help me. I have changed a flat tire before and even when I needed help, I was able to remove the lug nuts. But not today. I tried lots of things. I stepped on the lug remover, I used a hammer, a rock, WD-40, and even a hair dryer. Only one came off. The other ones won’t even budge at all. I was going to buy an electric remover but the store I called doesn’t sell them anymore and when they did, they were about $120. So I’d rather just get the AAA membership.

Well, as I was typing this, they came. The man came a lot sooner than I thought and was quick and a nice dude. Yay! Off to work.


2 Comments to “Lug nuts”

  1. ive found that if you have an X shaped wrench, your best bet is to put one knee on the side that will be going downwards, and pull with both hands on the opposite side, so hat you are straightening your back, and bending your elbows in at the same time. this puts pretty much every bit of pressure you can, in addition to all your weight onto the nut.

  2. Thanks for the tip. I’ll try that next time that happens. (Hopefully, that won’t be for a long time hehe).

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