New Layout

Some of you may have noticed already that my blog has a new custom layout. It’s something I’d been meaning to do for some time, but knew that once I started, I’d spend some time doing it. And I’m the type that if I start doing code, I won’t stop until it’s done or else I’ll be constantly thinking about it. Anyway, the main difference people will notice is that it’s integrated better with my website.

If you view my blog from, you will notice there are no more frames. (If you’re still seeing it in frames, please refresh the page and that should do the trick). There are still some tweaks and changes I will make eventually.

Here’s an idea for developers – why doesn’t someone create a WYSIWYG layout editor for LJ so that those who aren’t good with code can more easily create and customize their own layouts?


2 Comments to “New Layout”

  1. Good golly. Making mine was like pulling teeth. It’s not right yet, but I sort of just gave up, head hurt too much from pounding it into the keyboard.

  2. I like yours. The colors are nice and it’s earthy.
    Yeah, creating/tweaking themes on lj is a lot more complicated than it should be, in my opinion.

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