Inside Your Head

When you think you are lost and you feel so needy
Is when you crave certain things cuz you’re so hungry
So you do all the things so you’ll reach each goal
And to everyone else you appear in control
You’re surrounded with friends so you may appear whole
But you don’t open up, you don’t show them your soul

And all you achieve makes you seem unique
While deep down inside you’re totally weak
Many different feats that you will complete
But you’re so compulsive that you get no sleep

Is this how you really want to spend every day-
Constantly pushing many people away?
Is your lifestyle a choice, is it one that you picked –
Or inside your head do you feel some conflict?

Well, I don’t think you’re truly as cold as you seem
You just want to ensure that you live your dream
At least you’re focusing yourself on your passions
And making sure that you do not have distractions

Maybe in the past, things were done to you that hurt
So you want everyone’s attention to divert
To your many different talents and what you can do
So that you feel like people would not betray you

In certain aspects nobody knows who you are
Only show them strong points, never reveal a scar
But you still find your own way that you can connect
With others while receiving their hard-earned respect

Or maybe this is what you want us to believe
It’s just a clever trick that you pulled from your sleeve
But none of us will ever find out what is real
Because your whole self you will never reveal


3 Comments to “Inside Your Head”

  1. you should post moretuff like this.

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