Lukas Rossi blocked me! And other updates


Funny how I never even talked to him or messaged him. Haha! I only ever posted one comment to him and it was nice (before he show happened).
I guess I really upset him. Wah, wah, wah. Should I call the wahmbulance?

(In case you missed the my original blog about Mr. Rossi and all the comments I received, go here: I went to a party yesterday (and hung out with some people who have much more touring experience, have sold more records, and have played in front of more people than this chump… and they were much nicer and down to earth). When I came home, I discovered I had received all these livejournal comments. Too funny.

Not only did my blog get dozens of comments but there were many more text messages, emails, and myspace messages, and myspace comments that I received. Almost all of them agreed that Lukas blows and even gave me additional unflattering information on this tool.
Only two comments so far were negative toward Mandi (mandimercedes ) and I. And the IP address was logged. Both posts were from the same IP. The same person(s) posted it. Based on the location and the way it was written, it was probably Lukas and Kendra Jade posting. (KJ = his porn star wife/manager).

Kendra Jade posted a blog stating how well the show went and that there were 200 people there. Not true. By the end of the night, there were only about 30 people. Most of them were either there for free and just talking to each other, hecklers who were mean to Lukas since he deserved it, or Canadians who followed him. Yes, there were more than 30 (but not 200) at the beginning of his set, but most of them left after the first or second song because of the arrogant things he was saying to the audience.

And I was mentioned at the end of the blog. If it wasn’t me she was referring to, then I guess other people made it known they were unhappy with her and Lukas.
I’m referred to at the end as "that one girl". Guess what? I’m not the only girl (or guy) who was dissatisfied!
The club didn’t have as many people there as she stated and the club promoted for more than a week. I understand that sometimes in the music business, people will sugarcoat things and that’s fine. But don’t straight up lie.

Now that i have a moment, and a DAY OFF I wanted to send a little love to all of you !!


I wanted to extend our sincere graditude to everyone at BEDROCK in Baltimore. What can i say? the staff and club is amazing. If you happen to be in the area , you should stop by and check them out!! Not only were there over 200 people at the show last night, even with only a week to promote – these guys promoted the hell out of it and did it up right!! plus, they got our rider stuff at whole foods…i was super stoked!!! lol then we stayed and partied with the owners , management , fans and friends til nearly seven am followed by them cooking us breakfast !! man , baltimore knows how to treat people !! we are so happy to be here!!!

they loved us so much (and vice versa), they put us up another night here so we can hang. That being said ..if you are in the area tonight , please come by bedrock and show them some love, buy some drink , and hang with us.

This tour has been simply amazing!! The club owners and venues have all already asked us back , so the good news is we will be out this way again in 2 months!!!AFTER our CANADIAN TOUR!! we will be at highline ballroom…cafe 9… again , we will be at harpers ferry, we will be at gulliftys. and some of those owners own other clubs too so we will join them there as well. Thank you all for helping us make this tour such a success, thank you to all of our opening and support acts – you guys have been amazing as well.

theres something to be said for weekend shows vs. weekday shows, but each one has been fun, special and unique,…to bring over 150 peeps on a sunday in jaded ol’ NYC was incredible! I think this has been my favorite trip so far!.This tour has been totally worth the drive, totally worth the effort…and also allowed us both to see family and friends along the way. We are incredibly blessed!!

thank you to the fans who come in from all over the world, and to the new local fans..thank you for all the emails we have been getting from stern fans , and from new fans who happened by a show. thanks for spending time and making memories with us…You guys have been making us so incredibly happy! Again, thanks for taking the journey
we are forever in your debt and we love you all ( except that one girl…) šŸ˜‰


I wouldn’t be surprised if this post that is in his guestbook is actually from Kendra Jade:

Sunday, Aug 31 16:37 PM
This was an outstanding show. The fans of the opening bands (they were all good bands !) stayed around and screamed for Lukas just like the fans of Lukas were. The large room was full (not SRO but probably no fewer than 200.)

The lightwork and sound was great and Lukas bantered with the crowd in an amiable way. He shared some personal snippets of his life and sang with an amazing power that resulted in long screaming accolades at the end of several incredible songs.

What I can say it that the show on Tuesday is only 20 minutes further away from me and I plan to be there !!!!!!!!

Notice how, again, the fake number of 200 shows up in this post. Also, the show on Tuesday isn’t 20 minutes away. It’s over an hour away. Sounds like someone is trying to get out of towners to attend this show.

I’m posting up some of the messages/texts/etc. that I received in regard to Mr. Rossi. They are all verbatim except for editing out names and such to protect people’s privacy.
Subject: I agree
Body: i was there last nite with ______ supporting our friends in the opening band Armed Elephant….we walked out after Lucas told everyone not to talk while he was singing. what a douche bag….
Subject: Re: Lukas Rossi is an ego maniac!
Body: OMG! i hate him anyways and am glad he "won" rockstar cos it become/was NOTHING and he looks like one of the lollipop guild from Over the Rainbow and i could go on and on, blech! you made me laugh so hard, cos i could feel EXACTLY how you felt in your journal! blech, barf…never liked him but he did fit well with those idiots on rockstar! it couldnt have happened to a worse person! isnt it funny how karma works?
LMAO! I love you!!! šŸ˜€
Subject: Hola
Body: T,
Hey I just got done reading your blog, holy shit is that funny! Mandi left a comment on my page and I didn’t know what it met "that I was lucky I left when I did" till I saw her blog which led me to your blog. Intresting how someone thought there was 200 people there huh? Whatcha think more like 75 at best? …………………..
So if I don’t see ya at Jammin’ Java on Tuesday…hahahaaa I’m only going to support my boy’s Beretta Jane!! I may see you at the Evolver show at Ram’s Head.
Subject: RE: Lukas Rossi is an ego maniac!
Body: okay…maybe i’m an idiot but who is lukas rossi? I read yer blog…what an ass…ya know what would have happened if i was there…lol….
Subject: RE: Lukas Rossi read my blog! HAHAHAAHHAHAHA
Body: Are you sure it’s Lukas fans? Maybe it’s just Lukas..after all, he does seem to be not only a complete whinging diva, but also completely self-absorbed. I guess you could check the IP addresses of the "fans" – if they are from Canadia, maybe they actually do like the douchebag

        —————– Bulletin Message —————–
        From: CherryTeresa (new song up!)
        Date: Aug 31, 2008 11:57 PM
        Lukas fans are posting mean things to me.
        This is great!
         http://cherry-teresa. livejournal. com/98135. html

Subject: (None)
Body: Your livejournal entry about lucas is fuckin HILARIOUS!! now i wish i would’ve gone to the show. I would’ve gotten kicked out for sure.
Aug 31 2008 2:42 PM
LMAATO about lukas…blech…arrogance is only allowed if you have invented the AIDS vaccine or cured cancer…arrogance in musicians is NEVER a good thing…boooo Lukas…heheheheh oh man, you made my sunday morning!
šŸ˜€ xooxo
Aug 31 2008 12:08 PM
Holy mackerel. That is a heaping load of bullcrap. I wish I did go and I would’ve brought a whoopie cushion just to piss the bastard off. Sorry you had to go through with that. =(

The moral of the story is this:
If he thinks he looks bad in the blog, then he needs to stop how he’s acting – because I only posted the truth of what he actually did. None of us are perfect and if I gave him the benefit of the doubt, I could say he could learn from what he did wrong and not do it again. And stop doing those things and be better.
Sometimes we don’t realize how we’re acting until we see ourselves on video or hear from someone being honest.

BUT based on how he reacted to reading my entry, he is definitely an arrogant, pompous, asshole.
Plus, based on the comments I received from people, he’s done this at other shows and there were blogs people posted in response to that. And he didn’t improve/stop his behavior after reading the reviews about himself.

So it’s certain that he is an ass.

P.S. – Thanks for the support and comments I received! And thank you to Mandi for forwarding my blog to Lukas.


15 Comments to “Lukas Rossi blocked me! And other updates”

  1. I was blocked by Lukas as well…
    I can’t say my heart is broken.
    It’s funny that their way of defending bad behavior is with more bad behavior. Lukas and Kendra, you’re not making a good case for yourself.

  2. Here we go again
    Nice to see someone actually post their mind about this. These things can’t be discused at any of the Lukas boards, and negative talk gets deleted.
    Kendra has recently been blogging about forgiveness and everybody getting along and how she won’t let things get to her anymore. But it’s obvious that she and Lukas haven’t changed their behaviour. I fully believe it was her that sent the e mail to you. She has been controling his nasty messages for a long time. (he does know about it)
    If you continue to get attention, expect to get nasty e mails from her/friends, and then later, maybe, if you’re real lucky she will try to patch things up with you. She likes to think that makes up for all the bad, and that it makes her look good. It’s happened a couple of times before.

  3. Re: Here we go again
    I think you’re right.
    If they don’t like the negative attention, then why don’t they change their ways? Seems like a pretty obvious fix to me.

  4. you would think anyone with any level of professionalism would read what you had written and actually take it in and learn from it. obviously you’re not the only one who feels that way. the fans make or break you, if you don’t keep them happy then you don’t have a career.

  5. Bedrock wore her ass out??? No, I think all the porn she did wore her skank ass out. Look at this cover of her first porn she did with her stepmother, the same one that she was on Jerry Springer with and made a sex tape with Jerry Springer this poor unfortunate soul is a pathetic “star” fucker and I use star very loosely, as loose as Kendra Jade because this whore has tried to fuck and suck anyone that could possibly get her fame and fortune. Let me show you the pic of her before all her plastic surgery, this is before the breast implants and extensive facial surgery, black dye, and dental work she got done, bitch used to have a gap in her teeth you could mistake for the Lincoln tunnel.

  6. The pics aren’t showing up.

  7. Yeah, haha. What else can you really say?! šŸ˜‰

  8. Ha
    That’s Kendra. Did you notice the blog she did on Aug 13th called “Thruth” It’s the youtube Dove video about every girl should feel beautiful just the way they are.
    (yeah, after thousands of dollars worth of surgery)
    Did you know that on her website before she met Lukas, she was asking for money “gifts” from her fans, to help pay for her rippley boobs to be fixed?

  9. Lukass
    The guest book comment by Bedrock has definitely got the KJ funky punctuation. She puts unnecessary spaces after commas and exclamation points. Usually, when she’s trying to cover her ass, or pretend to be someone else, she disguises them with dashes. Guess she was in a hurry to make it look like the club was being oh-so-supportive. Dumbass bitch.
    Love your blog, btw.

  10. Re: Lukass
    She does do what you described with her punctuation. I haven’t seen the guestbook comment, though, so I don’t know.

  11. Re: Ha
    I haven’t seen that blog. But that’s a good observation.
    And I like those Dove commercials. =)

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