Lukas Rossi is a chump

If you thought Solange Knowles acted like a spoiled brat this past week on Fox News in Vegas, then you don’t want anything to do with Lukas Rossi. I would have taken video of how pompous he acted, but no video or pictures were allowed during his set.

I do not plan to see Lukas Rossi or his band Stars Down perform ever again. He played a solo acoustic set last night at Bedrock in Baltimore. He was an arrogant chump. He demanded the audience be totally silent during his entire set. He acted like a complete asshole. His porn star wife/manager was telling everyone they could not meet him and that people would have to pay $50 if they wanted to talk to him. (Surprisingly, no one stood in line to buy any merch or to meet him. Who wants to meet an ego maniac?) And she had a friend of hers walking around spying on people. If anyone was caught saying anything bad about Lukas in a private conversation, they were kicked out. It didn’t help me feel any better that his female friends were walking around mean mugging my friend Mandi and I.

After his first song he looked at me and my friend Shelley while he asked the crowd not to talk at all. We were not being loud at all by any means. We said hello to each other and hugged but apparently we were being extremely rude. And throughout the set, people were still talking – definitely not a loud level – and he said "I still hear some talky talkertons in the room. Please do not speak while I perform" in a pissed off tone. People stopped talking or clapping in between his songs so then he was like "Are you guys still there"?

The guy had absolutely no sense of humor when people said stuff to him. And with him giving the audience a hard time, a couple guys started heckling him. And rightfully so. Honestly, I think the crowd should have been much meaner to him. Several people left because of how he was acting.
A cell phone went off between songs and a guy jokingly said "Turn off your cell phone! We have to have absolute silence during the set!" And Rossi was pissed. Hahaha. Come on. That was funny. But nope, he didn’t think so.
It wasn’t just the fact that he wanted total silence. He just generally acted like he was on his high horse the way he carried himself and the other things he said between songs.

Bedrock isn’t a big venue. The place wasn’t even half full. And most of the people who were there weren’t even from Baltimore. They were Canadian fans who have been following him for whatever reason. He had no right to act the way he did. I have briefly met Tommy Lee, one of his former bandmates, who is obviously way more famous than him. And Tommy did not act like this at all and did not charge me money to talk to him.

Some of the people who were there didn’t even know who he was. They were there for the opening bands and stayed for him. They seemed to like him until he started acting ridiculous. Then they left. So he lost fans thanks to his attitude.

Lukas acted like he has never played a show or a bar in his life. You do not demand complete silence. I could maybe understand if the audience was being completely roudy and ridiculously loud. But this was not the case at all. You could still definitely hear Lukas with no problem whatsoever. I have played countless shows were the crowd was talking. I want the crowd to have a good time. People can still listen.
But I have played solo sets where the crowd was completely silent. You know how I did it? I did not demand it. I captivated the audience and so they wanted to be completely quiet. It was their choice. They talked during the performers before and after me but did not speak while I played. It wasn’t because I told them to shut up. Otherwise, I would have rightfully been booed and heckled.

Most of my friends are musicians. I am friends with some well-known people – people way more known than Rossi. I’m good friends with those who are considered arrogant and people ask how I can be friends with them. But this guy! This guy takes the cake. This guy makes the people I know look like gentlemen. I am used to how some musicians can be and their attitude. But they are nothing compared to Rossi. This guy seems to have little appreciation for his fans. He’s losing the few he has.

How was Rossi’s performance? Does anyone really even care at this point?

This is Mandi and I after his set:


On a happier note, the staff at Bedrock are awesome and Jaesa makes one great amaretto sour!  =) With two cherries!


76 Comments to “Lukas Rossi is a chump”

  1. Diva much, Lucas? Sounds like the kind of act I would have enjoyed throwing something at. I’m surprised people didn’t start talking deliberately when he was playing.

  2. I was thinking the same thing! I wish I would have had some tomatoes with me. Haha.

  3. damn
    Sounds like it wasn’t worth staying to the end then!! Well this is good to know.. what a jerk! I do like Bedrock, however. You’ll see me at the Bananas parties on Thursdays with my boy Kosta (aka Donkey Bits). Little BMore Club deal, with all sorts of other styles too. Great blog Teresa!!

  4. Re: damn
    Hey, good to hear from you! And yes, I agree. Bedrock is a cool place.

  5. Re: damn
    i wanna check out that place some time. let’s have a beer!

  6. Re: damn
    Yes, we should!!!! Do you have my number?

  7. ya make my head shhpinn.
    what a complete douchebag.
    you know why no one else from baltimore was there?
    because no one knows who the hell he is.

    So, you’re coming back to visit Bmore?!

  9. He won the Rockstar: Supernova thing.
    The show I only watched because Phil Ritchie from Lennex was on it. And Phil got booted off the show cuz he said in a newspaper article that Supernova sucked and he was only on it to promote his own band, haha. Phil would never act like Lukas did! Never!

  10. fucking recockulous!!!
    I almost wish I was there to laugh histerically VERY LOUDLY!!!

  11. Re: fucking recockulous!!!
    I can only assume this is John Cummings. Haha.

  12. yep! i’ll be in sept 9-13. mainly for the DFD show on the 12. 🙂

  13. Re: fucking recockulous!!!
    hey , its timm
    i have no clue who this guy is..but next time invite me to his show..i would have a blast

  14. You would think that he would be kissing peoples asses and walking out to the bar and just hanging out. What a dick. Especially since he was on a reality tv show.
    I like the picture btw, very funny.

  15. Sorry to hear that whoever that waste of talent was made you girls frown. Let me know when you’re going to Bedrock and I could maybe drag my ass out.
    Miss ya!

  16. Not only is he an asshole…
    but he’s obviously not very bright.
    With permission from Teresa, I forwarded her blog url to Mr. Rossi. This was the reply he sent TO ME.
    “get a life. go cry some more in your blog because you got kicked out of a show in front of everyone and everyone laughed at you. loser.”
    First of all, genius, I did not write this journal entry. Secondly, nowhere in this entry did Teresa ever say she got kicked out. In fact, we were both there until the very end, so you’ve got the wrong girl buddy…and the only person who was laughed at was you, Lukas. You made yourself look like a total idiot. Thank god I didn’t actually pay to get into your trainwreck of a show. Prior to the show, we had no problem with you. We came to Bedrock out of curiosity because I know more than one person who was involved with the show. She made no personal attacks against you and everything she said was 100% true. You need to get off your self constructed pedestal because you’re not as cool as you think you are.

  17. I can understand why you won’t ever see that guy’s shows anymore. I feel the same way about Phil Foglio – he’s a complete ass. He’s an artist I met at one of the gaming conventions I attended years ago. Arrogant ass. I’m still bitter about that. haha
    You look adorable, as always. And Mandi is cute. I love her tattoo. 🙂
    Mmmm, amaretto sours are good, but I think I like whisky sours a little more. With the cherries, of course.

  18. Dude…
    Mucous Rossi is infamous for being a douchy shusher at his lame shows. Be careful…now his pornstar wife/manager is going to get all indignant and email you nasty letters! She’s done it before to people who dare blog about what a douche Lukas Rossi is.

  19. Lukus Mucus
    I guess this means that you weren’t one of the ‘lucky’ girls who was pulled aside to be shown pictures of his penis and recuited for partying? LOL.
    Believe me the behaviour you saw from him is just the tip of the douche-y iceburg.

  20. your Lukas show
    It sounds like you two had a corncob shoved up your ass as the show started. Other people that were there say it was great and his banter was funny and not mean. It sucks sometimes to be the ones that are pointed out as causing trouble. You were just pissed because he was annoyed at you. Poor babies, grow the fuck up and take it like bitches should.

  21. your friends phone number up there
    I received a google alert about your blog, (an ex Lukas Rossi fan), but the fact that your friend has her number up there scares me. There are a few rabid Lukas fans left and I worry. Plus you made Lukas and Kendra aware of your blog, and they like to play games. Edit out her number just in case anyone gets any ideas.
    Thanks for the blog by the way, I was laughing the whole way through. I’m really sorry he ruined your night, but you had a few laughs anyway!

  22. yeah right
    I tend to believe Lukas I have known him for a couple years now and can tell you he only tells people to be quiet when they are being very obnoxious. The picture of you two after the set looks like what he said. That you two spoiled brats got pissed off because you were kicked out for not shutting up. Grow up the world does not revolve around you. He is a great performer who deserves some respect while on stage. You are the only ones saying anything bad about the show. So what does that say about you guys. Pretty pathetic.

  23. Re: your Lukas show
    I was not causing trouble. Saying hi to my friend while he played isn’t causing trouble.

  24. Re: yeah right
    I guess you, like Lukas, cannot read. I was not kicked out of the show. I am friends with all the people who work there and so I would have liked to see them TRY to kick me out. Wouldn’t have happened.
    Read before you comment.

  25. Yeah, you’d think he would be a little nicer to the people who came to see him. But I guess not.
    Thanks! Yeah, we thought the pic was funny. Apprarently, the Lukas fans who found my blog didn’t think it was that funny. HAHA.

  26. Re: fucking recockulous!!!
    Hhaha. I won’t go see him unless it’s to completely heckle the hell out of him. But I wouldn’t do that. Waste of my time. Rather go see someone worth it.

  27. Re: yeah right
    Also, the picture was a joke that actually had nothing to do with Lukas. We were having fun dancing around upstairs after his set was done, but he wouldn’t have known this considering he was downstairs hoping someone would pay the $50 to meet him. Learn to read before you jump to conclusions. We were not causing problems at the show. I felt the same way she did as I was leaving Bedrock and I had no interaction with him. If he can’t take criticism, he’s in the wrong business.

  28. Miss ya too, babe! We shall hang out soon. At least gas prices are a lil’ cheaper now. But they’re still steep.

  29. Asshat Rossi
    If you’re not familiar with it, you might be interested in reading
    Dedicated to snarking on the trainwreck that is the non-career of the subject of which you wrote so eloquently. Thanks for that.

  30. Re: Dude…
    HAHA! I guess she has nothing else better to do. Did she send you mean emails?

  31. EW
    Lukas Rossi blows dogs for quarters! No wonder he has to charge $50 for people to meet him… cos his career(if he had one to begin with) is non existent and hes probably broke as shit!

  32. Re: Lukus Mucus
    Lucky?! Haha. That’s horrible. I’m glad I’m unlucky! I hope this didn’t happen to you. Yikes.
    So his behavior gets worse? Eeek!

  33. oh oh!
    You’ve done it now. You’re going to have the Lukas lovers and the Lukas haters fighting back and forth all over your blog.
    I’m one of the haters by the way, according to his porn ho wife at least. But then according to his wife anyone who doesn’t think Lukas is hot shit is a jealous hater so I guess you are one too.

  34. Re: your friends phone number up there
    Thanks for the tip. I screened my friend’s number. He didn’t even say anything about Lukas, so if they did call him up, that would be ridiculous.
    Everyone thinks my blog is so great and hilarious but I really just posted the facts of what happened! So I guess thank Lukas for being so entertaining (in a bad way). Haha.
    He put a damper on my night. But thankfully, he did not ruin it. When we went downstairs after he was done, we had fun! My friends and I just danced and had a good time. And we went to a diner afterward. So we still had fun, just not during his set.
    It’s so sad to see that he is losing fans over his attitude. At least I know I’m not the only one who feels this way.

  35. teresa what hath thou created?!?! at least now i dont feel so bad about the prejudgement i had made about the guy.

  36. Re: yeah right
    HAHAHHA this is great!
    Kendra mentioned me in her blog.
    “Except that one girl”. Try everyone there! And there was not 200 people there. Try about 30.

  37. Hahaha. Don’t feel bad at all!

  38. Is that a new icon? I like how you have your hair and eyes. 🙂
    So that is fresh ink on Mandi’s arm/shoulder? It’s very pretty. I love tattoos.

  39. Thanks, it’s a new icon.
    Yeah, she just got that a couple months ago. I love how it’s positioned on her body!

  40. Re: EW
    I am friends with Phil Ritchie and I can tell you he never acts like this. Ever.

  41. Awesome. Hope I still get to see you. I won’t be at the DFD show because Evolver/When Gotham Falls is playing that same night. But hopefully, we’ll see each other elsewhere! BTW, I love your default myspace pic. So cute.

  42. Re: oh oh!
    I done did it now!

  43. who charges 50 bucks to meet someone!!!
    for 50 bucks he would need to give a back massage and validate my parking…
    that is nonsense, and this lukas dude is a douchebag nozzle.

  44. GAY
    I have NEVER been to a show where i was asked NOT to talk. the reason you go to small clubs LIKE bedrock is to have a good and greet your friends
    who does this guy think he is?
    hes just trying to hump his success from a lame show that was on 2 years ago…
    he MUST be hard up if he has to charge people 50 dollars to meet him…isnt that what no-name actors do for a living at sci-fi conventions when their careers are in the toilet?

  45. What did Phil Foglio do? I mean he isn’t like a big name or anything. Was he short with you? I just ask because sometimes cons can be a very draining experience and people might just be touchy because they have been sitting in the same spot of 5 or 6 hours dealing with stupidity. So it might have been that he wasn’t at his best. Of course he might just be an ass too.

  46. I love how people talk shit anonymously. If you are gonna attack someone have the guts to do it publicly instead of hiding.
    But you know it really doesn’t matter because I know that you are an honest person, besides I would think that Lukas would be happy that someone is talking about him.

  47. I know what you mean.
    Yeah, he doesn’t even deserve this much attention. I just didn’t want anyone to waste their time or money on this clown to find out the hard way.
    You’ve been on my friends list here on LJ for several years. It’s not like I go around posting blogs like this all the time. So when I do, you know it was bad enough for me to complain about it.

  48. what an arse
    the guy sounds like he needed an attitude check when he asked for silence…ummm, are concerts ever silent? was he playing in his living room for friends or auditioning a new cut that was to be shopped to a major label? other than that, i don’t get it, or his ‘tude!
    man, phil ritchie never woulda been like that! oh well, phil had/has a better voice AND band AND woman!…even tho he’s a solo act now…but i digress!
    lukas balookus! lmaato! could he even sing well? hmmmm….
    love YOU sweet thang! xoxoxoxoxocin:D

  49. PS:!!!!
    Umm, also, as a promoter, i have never in my life heard of paying for a meet and greet! but of course, i’ve only done major acts in my career….

  50. Re: PS:!!!!
    I have never heard of that, either. And I’ve met people more famous than Lukas. Hell, I partied with some this afternoon. 😉

  51. Re: what an arse
    If he was recording an album and it was in a studio I would understand. But obviously, this wasn’t the case.
    Definite attitude check is in order. Tommy Lee is so chill. I don’t know how he thought that being a douche is the way to make it.

  52. This bastard has a lot of fucking nerve meanwhile what the fuck has he done since that shitstain of a show that was on for a few weeks a couple years ago??!! He is a reality TV person who like most reality TV people fade into nonexistence and when the spotlight fades they can’t bare going back to their rightful spot of an insignificant fuck. This fucker had his 15 minutes, TIME’S UP BITCH, move along! Oh and of all the actual BIG NAME ROCKSTARS I have seen, none have EVER charged for a damn picture or meeting. Sounds like this joker should be at a theme park with the giant Hershey Kiss guy that charges $10 for a pic.

  53. Total Douchebag
    I’m sorry to hear that the douchebag ruined your night. He sounds like an arrogant ass.
    Just out of curiosity, how many people were at the show? It sounds like a small venue. Whether its 50 or 150 people, you don’t ask people to be quiet!

  54. Hahah, yeah, well – here’s the thing, it was early in the day (it was only about 10am), back in either 1997 or 1998 at Origins – I can’t recall which Origins it is anymore, I happen to live in Columbus where Origins is held. At the time, Magic The Gathering was big and WoTC had a big presence there. If I recall correctly, there was something going on between WoTC and the artists, some disagreement.
    Anyway, he was disgruntled about the way he was being paid for his art, refused to sign our cards at first (we were huge fans of his and his wife’s art, we even had Xenophile cards for him to sign), and he was just a condescending asshole about the entire thing talking about what idiots people who play Magic are and such. Way to go Phil. I’m still bitter about it. My husband was persistent in talking to him, I was highly annoyed and wandered off to find Larry Elmore, but my husband went on talking to Phil and found out that Robert Aspirin had quit writing and went back to being a street musician in New Orleans (I know he died here a few months ago, yes?).
    On the other hand, I sat and talked with Larry Elmore for a couple of hours, he was a gentleman and offered me a lot of helpful tips on my artwork, and Quinton Hoover was a lot of fun to talk to, and I also had an enjoyable conversation with Susan Van Camp, who was a very sweet person. I believe Phil Foglio was the only person I ever had any problem with at a con, and I certainly would have understood, I know fans can be annoying, but I didn’t like being told the game I liked made me an idiot.

  55. Re: your Lukas show
    It looks like his wife is already leaving you nasty comments. LOL

  56. I like this little comic…
    If you mouse over the image it says “It’s easier to be an asshole to words than it is to people.”

  57. HAHAHA Hershey Kiss guy, LOL!
    Can you imagine if Manson charged you to meet him?!

  58. Re: I like this little comic…

  59. I love Larry Elmore. Honestly I never thought much of Foglio’s stuff although the guy can draw a mean background I;ll give him that! And I didn’t know that Aspirin had died. I heard that he was a big drinker though. I’m assuming this was the guy who wrote those Myth adventure books right ? I loved the first 5 of those. And Walter Velez someone who is right up there with Elmore and the rest of the TSR( Elmore,Parkinson, Cadwell, Truman, Eastley) school IMO.

  60. I love Larry Elmore, too. I love his art, and as I said, he was such a kind gentleman. He talked with me, I watched him work, he looked at my sketchbook and gave me tips, he talked about his family, he was very sincere and nice. He’s from Kentucky. I like Kaja Folglio’s art, it’s whimsical. Phil I could give a hot hairy rat’s ass about, especially after the bad experience with him (he refused to sign the Magic cards, but signed the other stuff we asked him to – I should say that my husband persisted in asking him to, hah, I had walked off having no interest in talking to him any more).
    Yes, Robert Aspirin wrote the Myth series, and he died in May this year.
    Tony D’terlizzi is another one who has worked with TSR, he worked on the Planescape stuff, and I’ve always been fond of his art. He also worked on the Spiderwick Chronicles – I think he did both writing and art, he’s done quite a bit and is one of my favorite artists. Sadly, I’ve never had a chance to meet him.
    Ah well.

  61. Lukass
    Um, if you think charging $50 for a meet & greet is low, how about this: Lukass advertises on his website “charity dinners”. His fans are to bid upwards of $500 to have dinner with him. The totally douchey thing is, HE KEEPS 90% OF THE PROCEEDS AS INCOME! He markets it as “charity” when it’s really money for him to live off of and to pay his gambling debts! The a**hole even has the nerve to brag about how “he’s the only one who does this”, LOL! Yeah, noone would be low enough to blatantly exploit the concept of charity like you! Low-life user!

  62. Re: Lukass
    Oh my goodness. That is really low of him to do that! What charity does he even donate to anyway?

  63. Re: Total Douchebag
    I’d say there were about 75 people in the beginning of the show. Toward the end, it was about 25 or 30.

  64. Re: Lukass
    The more I learn about him, the more I’ve decided that he is the sleaziest person I’ve ever come across.

  65. and so it continues
    It sounds like someone is calling you a liar. Are you going to take that?

  66. Re: and so it continues
    HAHAHAHHA! This is great. For the fifth time, I was not kicked out of the club. HAHAHA. Thanks for showing me.

  67. Well I would pay to meet his ass!!!

  68. …and to think I almost went to this….
    I saw your bulletin on Myspace, and was seriously considering going to this (primarily to meet you…..btw) kinda glad I didn;t go now (although hanging out would have been nice).

  69. match made in heaven
    these 2 sound perfect for eachother
    one of them makes money BEING a giant dick
    one of them makes money TAKING giant dicks

  70. Re: …and to think I almost went to this….
    Aww, who is this?

  71. Re: match made in heaven

  72. Re: GAY
    At least the Sci-Fi people were in films and there is actually a line of people waiting.

  73. Lukas
    wow… there is a lot of stuff going on this site about the Lukas show at Bedrock.
    Here is the problem, There is 3 sides to every story (yours, theirs and the truth). this happens because reality is reality as YOU precieve it to be.

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