An update on my “Phobias” entry

I said my fear of driving over bridges had gotten much better. Well, not so much right now. Last Sunday, Mandi and I were driving over the Delaware Memorial Bridge during a hailstorm. This was during a heavy thunderstorm that included lightning, thunder, and hail that felt and sounded like it was going to come through and break the windows.

It’s a good thing we were listening to a Lil’ Kim CD and not the radio because if we had heard the news, it would have been even worse. The same day, there was a bad accident on the Chesapeake Bay Bridge:

“A spokeswoman for the State Medical Examiner’s office said John Short, 57, of Willards died of multiple injuries and drowning, The (Easton) Star Democrat reported. Police said Short swerved to avoid an oncoming car that had crossed the center line. His rig hit the wall and went off the bridge into the bay.”

What a horrible way to go. I feel so bad for the truck driver who died.


4 Comments to “An update on my “Phobias” entry”

  1. The truck driver that died was the nephew of a friend of my mom’s. That wasn’t even his route he was driving that day. He was filling in for someone else. 😦

  2. That’s awful. I’m so sorry to hear that.

  3. Phobias
    Sad about the truck driver.
    I’m afraid of heights. So I have the same problem driving or walking over bridges.

  4. Re: Phobias
    Yeah, some people don’t understand being scared of it. They try to rationalize it and make you feel silly for being scared. But it’s not something you can talk someone into not being scared of anymore when it’s a phobia.

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