My trip to Atlantic City

My trip to Atlantic City was just what I needed. I was only there for a short stay: from Sunday, August 3 – Tuesday, August 5. I’m taking more time off sometime next year so I didn’t want to use up too much vacation time from work. But I couldn’t wait that long. With the different things in my life I’ve been juggling, I just needed a break. I needed to get my feet in the sand.

It was awesome to spend time with Mandi. Even the car ride was fun. We basically relaxed during the day. We laid on the beach but didn’t really swim because the water was cold. There was a pool at the Red Roof Inn we were staying at, so we swam there. I haven’t done that in years because I’m really embarrassed to wear a bathing suit – even a one piece. But I found this awesome cherry tankini top with this skirt bottom that flatters me better than other bathing suits I had in the past. So I wasn’t super shy being in a bathing suit for once.

We didn’t get to walk up and down the boardwalk or go on rides while we were there because I was still in pain from the car accident. I’m actually still in pain right now.

We went to a few different casinos at night, such as the Trump Taj Mahal and Harrah’s. They are all pretty much the same inside except for at Taj Mahal we saw mostly older people and at Harrah’s, we saw more people around our age. We played the slots and blackjack.

The slots are mostly the same thing but just have different pictures and themes. But we walked past this one slot machine that had an Elvis Pig! He’s sooo cute! The game was called “Rich Little Piggies”. Not only were the pigs cute, but the game was actually different from the other slot machines. If you get three bombs, all these things happen. I posted a video that shows part of what happens.

I’d like to go back there or to Ocean City, MD for a couple days before the summer is over. I’d go during Labor Day weekend, but I’m sure many other people have that same idea so traffic is going to be a headache and the motel/hotel prices will be really expensive. So that’s probably not going to happen.

Oh yeah, and one other thing. My sinuses cleared out when I went to Atlantic City! It was fantastic. But they’re back again since I’m in Baltimore.

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0804080350-1.jpg image by cherryteresa 0804080351a-1.jpg image by cherryteresa

0804080351-1.jpg image by cherryteresa 0804080352-1.jpg image by cherryteresa

0804080404.jpg image by cherryteresa 0804080406-1.jpg image by cherryteresa

0805080205.jpg image by cherryteresa

0805081435.jpg image by cherryteresa CIMG0044.jpg image by cherryteresa

CIMG0046.jpg image by cherryteresa CIMG0047.jpg image by cherryteresa CIMG0048.jpg image by cherryteresa

CIMG0049.jpg image by cherryteresa CIMG0050.jpg image by cherryteresa CIMG0051.jpg image by cherryteresa

CIMG0052.jpg image by cherryteresa CIMG0053.jpg image by cherryteresa CIMG0054.jpg image by cherryteresa

CIMG0055.jpg image by cherryteresa CIMG0056.jpg image by cherryteresa CIMG0057.jpg image by cherryteresa

And here’s a short clip of the Elvis Pig dancing and the Angel Pig flapping the wings:

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