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August 31, 2008

Lukas Rossi is a chump

If you thought Solange Knowles acted like a spoiled brat this past week on Fox News in Vegas, then you don’t want anything to do with Lukas Rossi. I would have taken video of how pompous he acted, but no video or pictures were allowed during his set.

I do not plan to see Lukas Rossi or his band Stars Down perform ever again. He played a solo acoustic set last night at Bedrock in Baltimore. He was an arrogant chump. He demanded the audience be totally silent during his entire set. He acted like a complete asshole. His porn star wife/manager was telling everyone they could not meet him and that people would have to pay $50 if they wanted to talk to him. (Surprisingly, no one stood in line to buy any merch or to meet him. Who wants to meet an ego maniac?) And she had a friend of hers walking around spying on people. If anyone was caught saying anything bad about Lukas in a private conversation, they were kicked out. It didn’t help me feel any better that his female friends were walking around mean mugging my friend Mandi and I.

After his first song he looked at me and my friend Shelley while he asked the crowd not to talk at all. We were not being loud at all by any means. We said hello to each other and hugged but apparently we were being extremely rude. And throughout the set, people were still talking – definitely not a loud level – and he said "I still hear some talky talkertons in the room. Please do not speak while I perform" in a pissed off tone. People stopped talking or clapping in between his songs so then he was like "Are you guys still there"?

The guy had absolutely no sense of humor when people said stuff to him. And with him giving the audience a hard time, a couple guys started heckling him. And rightfully so. Honestly, I think the crowd should have been much meaner to him. Several people left because of how he was acting.
A cell phone went off between songs and a guy jokingly said "Turn off your cell phone! We have to have absolute silence during the set!" And Rossi was pissed. Hahaha. Come on. That was funny. But nope, he didn’t think so.
It wasn’t just the fact that he wanted total silence. He just generally acted like he was on his high horse the way he carried himself and the other things he said between songs.

Bedrock isn’t a big venue. The place wasn’t even half full. And most of the people who were there weren’t even from Baltimore. They were Canadian fans who have been following him for whatever reason. He had no right to act the way he did. I have briefly met Tommy Lee, one of his former bandmates, who is obviously way more famous than him. And Tommy did not act like this at all and did not charge me money to talk to him.

Some of the people who were there didn’t even know who he was. They were there for the opening bands and stayed for him. They seemed to like him until he started acting ridiculous. Then they left. So he lost fans thanks to his attitude.

Lukas acted like he has never played a show or a bar in his life. You do not demand complete silence. I could maybe understand if the audience was being completely roudy and ridiculously loud. But this was not the case at all. You could still definitely hear Lukas with no problem whatsoever. I have played countless shows were the crowd was talking. I want the crowd to have a good time. People can still listen.
But I have played solo sets where the crowd was completely silent. You know how I did it? I did not demand it. I captivated the audience and so they wanted to be completely quiet. It was their choice. They talked during the performers before and after me but did not speak while I played. It wasn’t because I told them to shut up. Otherwise, I would have rightfully been booed and heckled.

Most of my friends are musicians. I am friends with some well-known people – people way more known than Rossi. I’m good friends with those who are considered arrogant and people ask how I can be friends with them. But this guy! This guy takes the cake. This guy makes the people I know look like gentlemen. I am used to how some musicians can be and their attitude. But they are nothing compared to Rossi. This guy seems to have little appreciation for his fans. He’s losing the few he has.

How was Rossi’s performance? Does anyone really even care at this point?

This is Mandi and I after his set:


On a happier note, the staff at Bedrock are awesome and Jaesa makes one great amaretto sour!  =) With two cherries!

August 21, 2008

“Desperate Leaders” – a sneak listen

I’m stoked about how yesterday’s recording session went. It’s about 98% done. Here’s a clip. There’s the MySpace player and a non MySpace one for those of you on campuses that have the site blocked.

August 17, 2008

In the studio this Wednesday

I just got done practice with some awesome musicians and I wanted to let ya’ll know what I’ve been up to musically. I’ll be in the studio Wednesday to record a new song.
It’s not a solo effort, it is a project with another band that I’m recording for, but I’m totally stoked and had to share! I’m not supposed to say who just yet but I will say that it’s an awesome singer/guitarist and a totally rad violinist.
I hadn’t actually ever played with a real live violinist until a few weeks ago and it’s a great experience.
The song sounds awesome and I think most of you will really dig it once it’s recorded and put out. It’s a song that’s artistic and different but still palatable enough for the common listener, in my opinion. I can’t wait to have you hear it. I’ll keep y’all updated and let you know when and where the song will be available to listen.

Until then, much <3.


August 15, 2008

An update on my “Phobias” entry

I said my fear of driving over bridges had gotten much better. Well, not so much right now. Last Sunday, Mandi and I were driving over the Delaware Memorial Bridge during a hailstorm. This was during a heavy thunderstorm that included lightning, thunder, and hail that felt and sounded like it was going to come through and break the windows.

It’s a good thing we were listening to a Lil’ Kim CD and not the radio because if we had heard the news, it would have been even worse. The same day, there was a bad accident on the Chesapeake Bay Bridge:

“A spokeswoman for the State Medical Examiner’s office said John Short, 57, of Willards died of multiple injuries and drowning, The (Easton) Star Democrat reported. Police said Short swerved to avoid an oncoming car that had crossed the center line. His rig hit the wall and went off the bridge into the bay.”

What a horrible way to go. I feel so bad for the truck driver who died.

August 15, 2008

Shame on Who?

I don’t know what’s worse: The fact that it happened or the fact that I even care. 

August 14, 2008

How to be Shady – Tip #4

If you’re an extremely sketchy person, then you know that having just one cell phone won’t suffice.

cellphones.jpg image by cherryteresa   eco_cell_phone-1.jpg image by cherryteresa

Technology has made it easier to be sneaky. But be careful. Remember not to get the cells and numbers confused!

August 9, 2008

My trip to Atlantic City

My trip to Atlantic City was just what I needed. I was only there for a short stay: from Sunday, August 3 – Tuesday, August 5. I’m taking more time off sometime next year so I didn’t want to use up too much vacation time from work. But I couldn’t wait that long. With the different things in my life I’ve been juggling, I just needed a break. I needed to get my feet in the sand.

It was awesome to spend time with Mandi. Even the car ride was fun. We basically relaxed during the day. We laid on the beach but didn’t really swim because the water was cold. There was a pool at the Red Roof Inn we were staying at, so we swam there. I haven’t done that in years because I’m really embarrassed to wear a bathing suit – even a one piece. But I found this awesome cherry tankini top with this skirt bottom that flatters me better than other bathing suits I had in the past. So I wasn’t super shy being in a bathing suit for once.

We didn’t get to walk up and down the boardwalk or go on rides while we were there because I was still in pain from the car accident. I’m actually still in pain right now.

We went to a few different casinos at night, such as the Trump Taj Mahal and Harrah’s. They are all pretty much the same inside except for at Taj Mahal we saw mostly older people and at Harrah’s, we saw more people around our age. We played the slots and blackjack.

The slots are mostly the same thing but just have different pictures and themes. But we walked past this one slot machine that had an Elvis Pig! He’s sooo cute! The game was called “Rich Little Piggies”. Not only were the pigs cute, but the game was actually different from the other slot machines. If you get three bombs, all these things happen. I posted a video that shows part of what happens.

I’d like to go back there or to Ocean City, MD for a couple days before the summer is over. I’d go during Labor Day weekend, but I’m sure many other people have that same idea so traffic is going to be a headache and the motel/hotel prices will be really expensive. So that’s probably not going to happen.

Oh yeah, and one other thing. My sinuses cleared out when I went to Atlantic City! It was fantastic. But they’re back again since I’m in Baltimore.
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August 7, 2008

Writer’s Block: Less Than Idle Hands

         Just a couple of the things I do:

  • I twist/tug/pull my hair.

  • I knock on wood, hoping that whatever I’m worried about won’t happen.

  • Sometimes when I have to talk about something serious and uncomfortable, I will laugh; even though what I’m talking about is not funny. When this happens, I can’t help it.
August 6, 2008

Writer’s Block: Where Names Come From

I am named Teresa after Mother Teresa. My mom really admires her.