Writer’s Block: Feeling Better

  • Writing/playing music
  • Listening to music
  • Exercise – taking a walk, lifting weights
  • Writing in my journal about it. If I’m mad at a person, sometimes I’ll even write a letter to the person but never send it – just so I can let it all out. Other times, I do send it to them.
  • Talking to an understanding friend/family member about what happened
  • Going out and being around people so I am not at home and forced to constantly think about what I’m upset about.

The following would probably be considered bad ways to feel better when a person is upset. But I do it in moderation:

  • Alcohol
  • Shopping

2 Comments to “Writer’s Block: Feeling Better”

  1. i like your list. very true and honest. i always like to write a letter or consult the person that i am mad with. you usually get over it quickly when you do it that way. if you keep it hidden, you just get angrier and hold grudges.

  2. Thanks.
    I agree – keeping it bottled up isn’t usually good. So it’s good to let it out one way or another.

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