Perceptions and Taste

Sometimes there is a song that is so utterly annoying to me that I can’t comprehend how anyone could stand it, let alone love it. There are some people I find so completely unattractive physically, yet other people can look at that person and think they are perfection. Sometimes these things confuse me but other times it all makes sense to me. It’s a thing called taste. But why do people have different tastes? I think one of the multiple reasons is because we see things differently.

It’s like these classic examples of pictures.
In the first picture, some might see two people about to kiss at first glance, while some people might see a vase first. Most people will eventually see both. Then in the second picture, someone might see a “maiden”, while others see the “witch”. Some see both, but most do not unless it is pointed out.

vase_illusion.jpg image by cherryteresa                 

Then there is the spinning dancer example.
Some may see the dancer as spinning counter-clockwise while others may see her as spinning clockwise.


There are people who think I just graduated high school and others who think I’m married with children. There are people who think I’m 100% Asian-American,  Latina, Hawaiian, fully Native American, “Eskimo”, and occasionally, those who think I’m fully Caucasian.
There are some who think I’m totally innocent and others who think I’m completely shady. Some people tell me I’m totally the stereotypical Asian and others who tell me I’m completely the opposite of that. Some people think I’m really nice and easy to talk to while others think I’m mean and/or intimidating. And everything in between.
My point is that sometimes two people could meet me at the same time in the same situation but one would see me differently than the other. They were looking at and talking to the same person. But there were different ideas.

I guess people see, hear, taste, feel, and smell something differently than others. Humans take different things from something than someone else might.

As much as I think people are aware of this, we still tend to judge other people by their taste in things. Is this justified?
Maybe it is, maybe it isn’t.  People still tend to bond to people who perceive things similarly to them. Maybe if our brains are wired similarly to look at things the same way, then we have many other things in common and see them the same way.

There’s a theory that those who view the dancer as spinning counter-clockwise are left-brained. If someone views her as spinning clockwise, then that person is right-brained. Of course, there are people who disagree with this theory.

But the point is if two people can look at the exact same thing and see it completely different, then it’s not surprising to understand that it applies to other things in the world. Sometimes I just wish I could see those things through their eyes to “get” what they are talking about. 


2 Comments to “Perceptions and Taste”

  1. The spinning dancer switches back and forth for me, from counter clockwise to clockwise and back again. I wonder what brain type that makes me.
    Everything is perception. Your perception is your own, it is what makes you a unique individual.
    To me, the smell of skunk smells like potato chips. People think I’m crazy. Maybe I am. But that’s what I smell.
    I’ve always loved optical illusions. Thanks for posting these tonight.

  2. No problem! I love optical illusions as well.
    Seeing it both counter clockwise and clockwise probably means you are well-balanced, hehe. 😉
    So does that mean that skunks smell good or that potato chips smell bad? I think root beer tastes like toothpaste mixed with soda and people think I’m strange for that, haha.

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