An entry from October 29, 1998

Haha. I just found an old journal (a physical one) with only one entry in it.  I will use the actual names of people since this was almost ten years ago and I would hope that there wouldn’t be any grudges about this. I don’t even remember writing this entry.

I was just as ridiculous back then, haha. Here it is, verbatim:

“Thurs. 10/29/98

Today was a typical day. Tons of homework, blah, blah, blah. I am looking forward to Sat. (Halloween) because I’m going to the Family Values Tour. Syeira and Becky are fighting – Again. I like Scott – still. A couple days ago, I was asked to join a band & be the lead singer! Even though I can’t sing that great, I have to be the singer. I have to be the center of attention. Sat. nite (24) kicked ass! It was the night before my b-day. Dave, Scott, Joe, & Kelly took me out to Steak & Ale and paid for my dinner. Scott asked me if I still wanted to date him, because he is finally over Judy. Of course, I said yes! I can’t stop liking him. I haven’t talked to him since Monday. I probably won’t see him this weekend because Fri – he works, Sat. – I’m going to Family Values, Secret Agent Acid is playing (Scott’s band) at some guy’s house, and Sun. __? I don’t know about Sun, but knowing my luck, I won’t be able to see him. That SUX! Dave is being an asshole toward Megan.”

What was wrong with me? “I have to be the center of attention”. Haha, WHAT?! Then again, I had just turned 17 when I wrote this and was in the 11th grade. Before I wrote this, I was in Secret Agent Acid for a few months with [bighead] Joe and Scott. (We each had secret agent names. I forgot what they were but they were so cool at the time, haha).  Things were weird with Scott and I but then we became friends again by the time I wrote this. Oh yeah, I almost forgot. I went to his senior prom!

I had other paper journals when I was a kid/teen. If I find them, I should post some of them on here just to embarass myself.

My status fields are filled with what was going on back then. I’m going to put what I was probably listening to and how I was likely feeling at the time I wrote this.


2 Comments to “An entry from October 29, 1998”

  1. haha wow secret agent acid, haven’t thought about that in a long time. sky blue baby did actually cross my mind last night for some reason though. we were watching the dvd about the band thursday and it had their first show on there, and it reminded me of what it was like when all my friends were in local bands playing really small shows and how much fun that was.

  2. Yeah, I haven’t thought about any of that in a really long time. That’s why that entry was like “Oh my!” when I found it.
    I do remember those shows, most of which were in Essex. And they were so much fun! I probably had more fun back then than I do at shows today. Weird. Lol.

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