How to be Shady – Tip #3

(This is related to Tip #2. Actually, there will probably be a few more MySpace-related tips in the future).

If you’re going to lurk someone’s MySpace profile, don’t just go on their full profile constantly. If they are as sneaky as you, they could have a tracker!

What you can do to still keep tabs on this person is to go on their page, find out what their MySpace user ID number is and write it down for future use. This is an example of a user ID number:

If you go on the profile by typing in the person’s unique username (such as:, this will not show up in the address bar. What you will need to do is click on another section of their profile, such as the Pictures section. This will then reveal the user ID number in the address bar.

Now when you want to view a certain section of someone’s profile, do this: Go to your own profile, click the link of the section you want to view (such as pictures, comments, or view all friends). Replace your user ID number with the person you are lurking.

You’ll still want to go on that person’s page from time to time to view full profile updates, such as relationship status or whatever. But at least you can minimize the amount of times you show up on their tracker!


12 Comments to “How to be Shady – Tip #3”

  1. Not the fake spam ones that claim it’ll show you the person’s profile and blah blah. Those ones that the phishers posted a few years ago before MySpace started using captchas…. those are fake.
    The real trackers they have just show the people’s IP address but people can figure out who you are because it shows your location. And people can put two and two together. Like if “mike” posts a comment at 6:01 PM and a certain IP address shows up on the tracker at the same time, you can figure out that is most likely “mike”‘s IP address.
    It’s not 100% accurate (sometimes people will view the page but it won’t show up), but still – who wants to take the chance? Hahaha. πŸ˜‰

  2. I totally have a tracker :x. But it doesn’t say who really, it just says location. And if someone has an account on the same website I use, their profile does come up. I’m a creep!

  3. look at you being all stealthy. whats up with that! hahaha

  4. Stealthy is healthy! haha πŸ˜‰

  5. haha nice.
    on pride parade day, i saw a guy walking down the street that had an ENTIRE SLEEVE OF POWER PUFF GIRLS! and villians. it was brilliant. i want to marry him. haha.

  6. SLEEVE of powerpuff girls?! Hahahaa, I wanna see! That’s so “hardcore” but then it’s of the PPGs! See, that’s the kind of stuff I like. Like when I see some tough gangsta lookin’ guy, but he’s wearing a babygirl pink shirt. Hehe.

  7. good tip, I’ll keep this in mind next time i visit my crush’s page. I feel so awkward for saying that lol.
    I didn’t think trackers really worked.

  8. They just show your ip address but you never know who’s keeping track! LOL πŸ˜‰

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