So tired and sore

I don’t know what’s wrong with me but I hope it goes away soon. I’ve been very tired and increasingly sore the past week. I’ve been getting full nights of sleep every night. In fact, on Thursday night and Friday night, I got actually got a couple more hours than 8. And no, it’s not the “I got too much sleep” type of tired. It’s the “I still need more sleep and I need to take a nap” type of sleep. All week, it was hard to get up to go to work and I was tired the whole day. And the past couple days, I feel weaker and weaker and my muscles ache all over, especially my neck, upper back, and thighs. I’ve been taking vitamins in case it’s a nutrient deficiency but that has not helped. My chest has been more congested too. It’s been a little congested for a while now because of my sinuses. But I didn’t feel it constantly, just when I walked up and down the stairs at work (I purposely take the stairs instead of the elevator when possible). But it’s been feeling congested all day the past couple days.

I need a masseur/masseuse or something.


2 Comments to “So tired and sore”

  1. Wow I’m really sorry to hear this. Maybe you have a infection of some kind ? It sounds like you are fighting something off. I think you need some bed rest and plenty of fluids.
    -Dr. Bill

  2. Why thank you, Dr. Bill! Haha. 😉

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