Ethernet Cable

You see this? It’s an ethernet cable.

I learned how to make both a patch cable and a crossover cable this evening in class. I physically did it and tested them to make sure they worked. I got to use the tools and everything. I didn’t know I was going to be doing all that in my Data Communications 101 class. Haha. Interesting. But still, I don’t think computer networking is something I’d want to make my career. I’m just taking the class as a requirement for my Information Technology degree (and I’ll have to take another DCOM course later). It’s good to know the basics and a little beyond that. But it’s just not something I could see wanting to get certified in, know the ins and outs of, and do constantly on a daily basis for years. It’s cool that others like it. I don’t hate it. But I just can’t see getting all excited about it everyday at work. Most of the other people in my class are specifically Networking majors, not Information Technology software majors. So they are all about this.

Anyway, I have another skill learned tonight, even if it’s a small one.


2 Comments to “Ethernet Cable”

  1. Wait, what? You’re getting an IT degree? What are you wanting to get into that won’t have some networking as part of the job? That’s so cool – tech needs more women. Networking is fun. Especially when you get into running your wires and getting the optimum radius in the loop to optimize bandwidth and minimize cross talk inside big racks of routers, then all the fun things you can do with network traffic – sniffing it, seeing where all the little packets are going, making it secure, breaking it then fixing it. Good stuff.

  2. I don’t mind doing some networking. Just not doing that exclusively, which is what most people in my class are doing. They are actually “Networking” majors. I couldn’t do that day in and day out! I mean, I guess I could but I wouldn’t choose that.
    Thanks! Yeah, my degree right now is a general Information Technology degree, but I think it’s gonna end up having a focus on Database Administration 😉
    Luckily, I do think my class is cool and my teacher keeps it interesting, so that’s good – especially since it’s 8 hours a week (two four-hour classes)!
    There are only two other females in my class, out of about 25 students. (There were even more male students but a few dropped out already).

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