Zyrtec packaging

Zyrtec’s package may be green in color, but it certainly isn’t “green”. Now, I’m not one of these over zealous types who yells at people for driving an SUV, eating a cow, or anything like that. None of us are perfect and we are all guilty of contributing to the decline of the environment. But I just feel that this is ridiculous and wasteful for no good reason (other than maybe to fool buyers into thinking they’re buying more).

Yes, there were more than 2 pills when I first bought it – there were 24. However, this was still not even close to filling up the box. And the fact that they are even put into those oversized blister packages is bad enough already.

Even the generic Zyrtec has unnecessary packaging. Here is the CVS brand of Cetirizine that I bought:

The bottle is obviously much smaller than the package. And on top of that, the pills only fill up maybe half the bottle. And the bottle didn’t even need to be in a box in the first place.

It’s like when you open a huge present and inside is another package, and another, and another, and another. (Have you seen those gags on TV shows?) If you would have just gotten the smaller gift to begin with, you wouldn’t have even cared.

You might be thinking “well, maybe they couldn’t fit all the drug labeling info on a smaller amount of space.” Good guess, but incorrect. I’ve seen smaller bottles and they have the re-peelable label on it to put all the necessary information on it.

Remember in the 90s when they cracked down on this sort of thing? Deodorant bottles all came in bigger boxes and now you just see the deodorant itself for sale (with shrink wrap over it). CDs still came in cases, but they were placed in cardboard boxes that were a lot taller than the CD case was. And then, the part of the cardboard box that was taller than the CD had foam inside it. It was ridiculous and so they stopped doing that.So, hopefully, this will eventually be a distant memory.

Am I the only person annoyed by this?


2 Comments to “Zyrtec packaging”

  1. i dont understand the zytec packaging! what with the crazy semi circle thing? do you slide the pill trough that part? is it just for fancy show? arghhhhh!

  2. I wondered about that, too! I don’t think there is a reason other than to “look cool”.

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