My mom’s first mac

My mom had been having issssssues with her computer. She called me at work last week and she’s like “It’s time to buy a new one, will you help choose one?” I was like “Okay, we can go to the Dell kiosk at the mall or maybe Best Buy”.
And she’s like “Nooooooooo, I want a Mac! Let’s go to the Apple Store!”

I didn’t intend to convert my mom to Macs but I did. She saw how I could plug in things and they would just work. Yet we’d install driver software for her hardware and there were still problems. She also loves how the mac mini is so small that it fits on her desk.

We went to the Apple store and we ended up getting her a Mac mini. She loves it. She was so excited to get it. I don’t think I have ever seen her act that giddy before, haha. It was cute.


6 Comments to “My mom’s first mac”

  1. Now if only there was an emoticon for a happy mac dance, haha. There probably is but I don’t know it. Maybe the Happy Mac from the Classic OS dancing?

  2. I googled ‘dancing apple logo’ and got traumatized by a youtube video. I shall be more cautious when I invoke the happy mac dance in the future!!

  3. All I saw video wise was that girl talking about how Steve Jobs told her to get an Apple tattoo. Couldn’t watch more than a few seconds of it before closing it. Haha.

  4. The one I saw was some kid dressed up as an apple logo singing (badly) and dancing (even worse). Just be glad you missed it!

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