Dear Boyz,

I am so bad with being able to tell when any of you likes me or not. Liiiikes me likes me. You could totally flirt with me and give me signs and I wouldn’t be sure if you were actually flirting. You have to make it completely obvious. And even then, I’ll just think “He was just drunk” or “He was kidding”. And I hardly ever make the first move.

Then there a few of you I thought might have liked me and then I found out I was totally off. I was totally not your type. You had no feelings for me whatsoever and did not find me the least bit attractive.

So guys, if any of you are actually interested in me that way, here’s basically what you have to do. You have to be like “I have a crush on you. Can I take you out to dinner _______ night? And yes, it is a date.” And then you have to call me. Yes, I know that’s sad. But that’s how I am.

Wait a minute… when’s the last time I went out on an actual date anyway? Dinner and a movie? I can’t remember. It barely ever happens. So the likelihood of you boyz actually following my advice is pretty slim.

Thanks anyway.


P.S. – I'm not saying you have to spend money on me to show you like me, I'm just giving an example.

4 Comments to “Boyzzz”

  1. i was definitely always that way too. there are no subtle hints. just say it dammit! lol

  2. That’s what I’m sayin’, hehe. =)

  3. Hilarious
    Girl, when I read your post I was cracking up rolling on the floor, I laughed so hard I cried. Maybe it’s a generational thing or lack of game thing. I just don’t know why dudes just don’t know how to rap with the ladies. My theory, the modern man (I used this word very lightly) are too feminine because they hung out with their mommas too much therefore they mimicked what they saw and never learned from their daddies how to talk to a woman. Believe me that’s the exact approach I take almost verbatim (plus I had a sister 1 year younger than me so I would eavesdrop on all her conversations LOL)

  4. My application
    I think you’re cool, and I love your style. Can I take you out to dinner Friday night? And yes, it is a date.” Cool, see ya then, is it cool if I call you before then cuz it would be nice to rap with ya 🙂 🙂 🙂

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