New songs “I Found Out” and an unfinished demo

Today, I posted two songs on my myspace page ( One is “I Found Out” and the other is an unfinished demo that is… well, not finished. This is mainly because the story is still to be written. I don’t know exactly how the song is going to turn out because this situation in my life is still happening. But I felt like posting what I had done so far.

“I Found Out” was a song I wrote and performed solo when I was a teenager. It is basically about how some guys have unhealthy fetishes for Asian women. I recorded it a few weeks ago but decided today that maybe I should share it, haha.


6 Comments to “New songs “I Found Out” and an unfinished demo”

  1. I Like It
    Love the piano track and the lyrics too, kick ass girl

  2. 4got to say
    Wow, your singing got so much better since “The Best Of Me”, I feel you more on this track even though it’s not a polished demo so that should be a sign you got better.
    I guess you lived a little. I tell Korean girls here that a lot of the singers today (internationally) aren’t as good as old school singers (not an old school bias) is because they grow too easy (relatively speaking), whereas the old school singers grew up harder thus the experience of their pain, life comes out when they sing.
    That’s why Whitney Houston got a lot better from 6 to 7 years ago (she did some living instead of the sheltered living when she came up in her earlier albums).
    That’s my theory.
    That’s why I think your singing got better.

  3. Re: 4got to say
    Thank you! When I recorded “The Best of Me”, it was my first time in an actual recording studio, so I was intimidated and not completely comfortable at the time. Also, like you said, experience and life experience. I’m so glad that I sound improved! I guess that’s a good sign, right?! Lol.
    I agree with you that if you don’t live, your art can suffer.

  4. Re: 4got to say
    Is it OK if I use your song on my websites, podcasts etc etc, please don’t send me a cease and desist letter or sue me LOL
    BTW, I’m really serious, once you get a polished mp3 or FLAC let me know I’ll be happy to do all that admin stuff for ya, it’ll get my record company going also at the same time 🙂 please please please

  5. Re: 4got to say
    Yes, you can! I’m not going to sue you, lol. Unless you somehow made money from me but didn’t pay me. But I don’t see either of those two things ever happening, haha!
    And yeah, I’ll let you help me if that happens! =)
    Thank you.

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