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May 29, 2008

Yahoo IM craziness

This is what I saw when I went on Yahoo! IM the other evening:

Text did appear later. But it didn’t even show up at first due to the amount of IM windows there were.

May 28, 2008

Chicken Teriyaki

Have you ever seen that episode of Chappelle’s Show where he wants to order fried chicken on a flight, but he choses the fish instead? He does this because he doesn’t want to be a stereotype.

This is how I sometimes feel at Subway, ordering the chicken teriyaki sub. Haha. Except I just order it.

Yes, teriyaki is Japanese and I’m Korean-American. But most people don’t know that nor do they think about that.

May 28, 2008


If you’re going to be a full-time liar, at least be good at it, or maybe decent. Or at least try. Come on now.

May 28, 2008

My mom’s first mac

My mom had been having issssssues with her computer. She called me at work last week and she’s like “It’s time to buy a new one, will you help choose one?” I was like “Okay, we can go to the Dell kiosk at the mall or maybe Best Buy”.
And she’s like “Nooooooooo, I want a Mac! Let’s go to the Apple Store!”

I didn’t intend to convert my mom to Macs but I did. She saw how I could plug in things and they would just work. Yet we’d install driver software for her hardware and there were still problems. She also loves how the mac mini is so small that it fits on her desk.

We went to the Apple store and we ended up getting her a Mac mini. She loves it. She was so excited to get it. I don’t think I have ever seen her act that giddy before, haha. It was cute.

May 21, 2008

Spring ’08 semester is over

I finished up my spring 2008 semester at school. Last week was finals week.

This semester was more of a challenge than last. But I am not complaining. I took Introduction to Computer Programming Using OO and Logic and Comprehensive Databases. The former was a class I went to every Monday night and the latter was an online class. I was learning two concepts that were new to me at the same time. At first, this was a little difficult because I was trying to learn two different worlds at once. But once I got the hang of it, it was a lot better. I actually liked what I was learning, so that made it easier to want to study it until I got it. The main challenge for me was that when I got home from work, I was tired and the last thing I wanted to do was more thinking and I did not want to sit in front of a computer anymore. Plus, I have been learning new tasks at work as well. So it was a brain overload in the beginning.

I aced my final exams and final grades. I received an A in every class I took this year. Of course, I only took 6 credits per semester, but I do have a full-time day job. I do wish I could take more classes per semester so that I could finish sooner but that just isn’t going to happen. I’d rather take a longer time to graduate and actually understand what I’m learning and do well rather than just skate along.
And I’m guessing that when I take more advanced programming and database classes, it’s going to be even harder and I will have to study even more. And all As might not happen again (though I will still aim for that, even if it doesn’t happen).

My teachers were great. My programming teacher has had many years of experience as a respected computer programmer. He has been doing that for over 30 years and was a part of some crucial software that came up in the 70s and 80s. He’s been a project manager for some big companies and has done some major things. You can tell that he’s passionate about his field and that he actually wants to help us understand. I was curious in the beginning of the semester as to why he’d go through the time and effort of getting a teaching degree when he already had an established career and I presume he was making more than enough money. I think he just loves what he does a lot and wants to share his knowledge and experience. He had a different personality than most teachers and a dry sense of humor. I don’t think a lot of the students in the class really got him, but I did.
About half of the class dropped out. I don’t think it was because of the teacher, though.

My online teacher put a lot of effort into making the online class seem more like an actual classroom. I’ve heard that some online teachers aren’t so great and not very helpful, but she was a good teacher. She even put together some videos to show us things and she would email me personally when I posted questions on the bulletin board about a career as a Data Analyst. (Basically, it’s hard to find information about being a Data Analyst because that position goes by any different titles. I’m still a little confused but she did help clear things up).

I had originally planned on taking the summer off and going back in the fall, like most students. But I think I am actually going back in the first week of June. There’s some stuff in the works that’s supposed to happen in the Fall, so I want to either only take one class or just take off altogether that semester.

May 21, 2008

Scarlett Johansson does Tom Waits songs

I just found out that Scarlett Johnasson released an album yesterday. “Anywhere I Lay My Head”, is an album with ten Tom Waits cover songs and one original. I’ve only heard clips of it on iTunes so I can’t really comment on it.

May 18, 2008

Facebook/MySpace apps

Facebook applications are a cool idea. But I simply do not have the time nor the interest to keep up with the majority of them. I’ve denied about 99% of invitations I have received to add one from friends. So don’t take it personally. Or maybe you should. What’s wrong with you? Only kidding.

And now these apps have been making their way to MySpace. These people I’ve never met want me to be their pet.

May 13, 2008


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May 13, 2008


Dear Boyz,

I am so bad with being able to tell when any of you likes me or not. Liiiikes me likes me. You could totally flirt with me and give me signs and I wouldn’t be sure if you were actually flirting. You have to make it completely obvious. And even then, I’ll just think “He was just drunk” or “He was kidding”. And I hardly ever make the first move.

Then there a few of you I thought might have liked me and then I found out I was totally off. I was totally not your type. You had no feelings for me whatsoever and did not find me the least bit attractive.

So guys, if any of you are actually interested in me that way, here’s basically what you have to do. You have to be like “I have a crush on you. Can I take you out to dinner _______ night? And yes, it is a date.” And then you have to call me. Yes, I know that’s sad. But that’s how I am.

Wait a minute… when’s the last time I went out on an actual date anyway? Dinner and a movie? I can’t remember. It barely ever happens. So the likelihood of you boyz actually following my advice is pretty slim.

Thanks anyway.


P.S. – I'm not saying you have to spend money on me to show you like me, I'm just giving an example.

May 13, 2008


One thing not a lot of people know about me is my experience with dreams. I’m not Allison Dubois or anything. I’m not a psychic nor am I a medium. But I have had lots of dreams that have actually happened in real life at a later time. And when I say they happened, I mean they occurred in the same way they did in the dream. They had the same scenes, situations, people, words spoken, etc. I can’t control this – there’s no turning this off or on. I can’t say to myself “I wonder what will happen next week” and make myself dream the outcome. Sometimes I will go years without having these dreams and other times I have several of these dreams a night for months in a row, and anywhere in between those two scenarios. It just happens.

This goes beyond the feeling that something you’re experiencing might have happened before. This is the knowing that you dreamt this exact thing. I even used to keep a dream log just to make sure I wasn’t going crazy or that I wasn’t convincing myself that I dreamt things after an event occurred. No, I had these recorded so I knew they actually happened before the event. And I had a close friend in elementary school who I shared these dreams with and she would even say “That’s just like that dream you had a few months ago!”

Not all of my dreams are “predictions”. I dream normal, random dreams that don’t make sense and probably don’t have any real meaning. But when I dream the ones that do mean something, I usually get a certain feeling. I know. It feels different. I can’t explain it in words, but I usually know. Sometimes it may not be clear to me at that moment what it means or why it will happen, but I often know that it’s something that’s going to happen in real life. I might be in a building I’ve never walked in yet with a person I have yet to meet, so I might not understand at that time what is happening. But I get the feeling that it’s something that I should remember because it will happen.

My mother has this even more than I do. And she has actually predicted things that were otherwise totally unpredictable and even helped other people avoid dangerous situations that would have definitely happened had she not interfered. She has the literal dreams like I do (the what you see is what you get dreams). But she also has the symbolic ones. She’s good at knowing what a dream means, even if it would be unclear to someone else who is being told what she dreamed. I guess her years of experience makes her aware. She can decipher between the two types. And these symbolic dreams are specific. They are not like seeing a pot of gold and thinking you might have good luck sometime in the next year. Duh. Most people will have some type of good luck, whether big or small, within a year’s time. These dreams are much more specific.

I probably have the symbolic dreams as well but am not yet sure how to figure these out or how to tell these apart from the literal ones. At least that’s what I am hoping…

I’ve been getting the dreams again lately and I know they mean something. The other night, I had one that scared the crap out of me. My senses were involved in this dream, including my emotions. I had emotions I don’t think I’ve even felt in real life yet. I awoke in the middle of the night feeling as if it happened and I was nervous. I felt weird. I knew the dream meant something and it was freaking me out. This is how I felt as soon as I awoke, without even having a chance to analyze what had happened. My body reacted automatically. I thought to myself that the scenario was pretty unlikely to happen. But I couldn’t shake the fact that it was one of those dreams and that those dreams outweigh any type of logic or reasoning.
But after a good night’s sleep the next night, I realized that it most likely does mean something, but not literally. You see, some dreams, if taken literally could mean something bad. But taken metaphorically, could mean something great. For example, my mother told me a dream about how she went down to the living room and there were pipes bursting and water flooding our house. She knew it was a “prediction” dream. I thought “that’s horrible”. But she said it actually meant that a specific good thing was about to happen because of the abundance of water. (I know this is the point where many of you are calling my family crazy. So be it). She told me about a few situations where she had dreams involving lots of water and what ended up happening immediately afterwards. So she just knew.

So basically, if my dream was meant to be taken literally (which I doubt), then I am in deep doo doo. But if meant to be taken metaphorically, means that very good things are about to come in my life. 🙂 I think I have a feeling what they are and I hope I’m right. I feel happy about the future.

I have gone from being concerned to being optimistic and excited about things to come.