Goodbye to my most prized possession :(

My mom called me at work today and gave me the bad news. She basically has little choice but to sell the Steinway grand piano. Long story short, her worker’s compensation case is taking too long to go through and in the meantime, bills have to be paid. She really doesn’t want to do this; she’s upset. But it happens.

I’m off to go play it for the last time ever. This was supposed to be going to my children and grandchildren someday. Now some rich douche is gonna get it and it’ll probably just collect dust.

There are worse fates than this. But I’m still sad about it, I can’t help it.


11 Comments to “Goodbye to my most prized possession :(”

  1. i’m sorry honey:(
    i felt this way when my mother remarried, and threw away a bunch of stuff i thought i’d inherit because he had nicer stuff

  2. Congrats on all the weight loss, by the way. I read your blogs every day at work but I can’t reply there anymore because they have comments blocked.

  3. Dude that sucks. I’m so sorry to hear that. Also I hope your moms workers comp case comes thru asap.

  4. Oh honey, I’m so sorry.

  5. I am so sorry :/
    Its hard to let go of anything you’re attached too. Even inanimate things.

  6. Thanks.
    Yeah, and this had a lot of meaning and memories. And I’ve never NOT had a piano šŸ˜¦

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