Apparently, I’m too old to date anyone

Angel’s Rockbar attracts some of the biggest douche bags from all over Baltimore and the surrounding metropolitan area. I’ve been going the past couple Thursday nights, though. Because the crowd isn’t as horrible and they have good local bands on those nights.

Some guy comes up to me this past Thursday night. He hits on me, makes small talk, and asks how old I am. I tell him I’m 26. Dude just walks away. I wasn’t interested in him. But what the hell? His friend was like “Well, we thought you were like, 22, at the oldest”. And the guy was about 29 himself. Laaaaaame. Then his friend proceeds to just be like “Why did you get a lip ring? That means you wanna get laid, right?” That’s when I walked away.

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17 Comments to “Apparently, I’m too old to date anyone”

  1. wow. i’m 36. guess i should learn to knit, huh?

  2. At least as you get older, it’s easier to weed out the assholes. Sheesh.

  3. gee, imagine that, there’s people who are actually older than 21 or 22 at a bar! i’ve heard that from several people though, about there being a lot of douchebags there. i kinda got that impression even just from their flyers they were handing out when it first opened. something about it just made me think it’s the kind of place guys with big tribal “tats” and muscle shirts who love their cars too much and listen to godsmack like to go. ewww.

  4. you are pretty much dead on!

  5. i know, right? but it’s funny how he had no shame. didn’t even say “i gotta go to the bathroom” or anything. hahaha. loser!

  6. i’m an old maid and you might as well call it a day! haha jk

  7. haha! then i shall continue to avoid the place

  8. PA guys are better 😛 (and nicer)
    And you’re not old compared to me 😛

  9. I thought LA had the monopoly
    Gotta thank them Asian genes for peeps thinking you’re younger than you are. But I thought Los Angeles had the monopoly on douche bags LOL, gosh I wish I could kick some of these people’s butt for ya, so his friend did the hollaback girl thing on ya, the nerves!!!!

  10. Re: I thought LA had the monopoly
    I think douches are everywhere. 😦 haha

  11. Neither of us are old. People are just silly

  12. Re: I thought LA had the monopoly
    Is it me or is it just the number of douches just increased? Or is it the same percentage and the population got bigger so the perception is that there are alot more douches than there really are???
    There are plenty of douches here where I’m at too.

  13. 29 y.o. Dude
    Isn’t that borderline age for the Chris Rock’s proverbial saying of “THE OLD DUDE AT THE CLUB/BAR” that’s why you don’t see me at no clubs or bars nowadays.
    In Korea they do actually have age themed clubs. For example people born in the 70/80’s bar, you’ll know cuz the sign says 7080, and there’s even the 60/70’s etc, never been but I’d like to check it out one day.

  14. Re: I thought LA had the monopoly
    I think there are more.. but then I also think I am just more aware of it.

  15. Re: 29 y.o. Dude
    No, I don’t think he’s old. Just annoying.
    That’s interesting they have age themed bars. I’ve thought about that before.

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