Thank you, Patient First

I would like to thank Patient First for scaring the crap out of me. They sent me a letter that stated:

“Thank you for visiting Patient First GREEN SPRING for your medical care.
This letter is to advise you:

    To return to the center as soon as possible for:

  •        follow-up care of fatigue.”

Basically, I went there a couple weeks ago when I was sick. They ran a few blood tests, such as anemia, mono, etc. Most came out negative but some, including a thyroid test, would not be done the same day. (I told them I didn’t think it was any type of long term illness, but based on my symptoms, they ran the tests just in case). My doctor said that if I didn’t hear from them, I was negative/normal. If I came out positive/abnormal, then they would contact me. I figured I was fine and that I just had a nasty virus. Then I got that letter Monday night, after I had pretty much forgotten the whole thing had ever happened. I have been to Patient First countless times and have never gotten a letter. I’ve only ever received an invoice, if necessary.

I saw that and expected it to mean that I was positive/abnormal in something, since they probably wouldn’t outright state that in a letter due to HIPPA laws. I called and thankfully, they said I was fine and that they just thought I should go back if my symptoms didn’t improve. Yeah, thanks.

They said they would have told me when they called me but they couldn’t get a hold of me. However, I don’t have any calls from them on my


2 Comments to “Thank you, Patient First”

  1. *snort*
    Sweetie, you *are* abnormal. That shouldn’t scare you. 😉

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