Now what am I going to do on my lunch breaks?

It finally happened. My work has blocked Livejournal 😦 Well, not completely. I can still go on specific journals and their friends lists and profiles. However, I cannot post comments or even view comments for that matter. And I can’t log in, which means that I can’t see any protected entries. 
Basically, I can see the syndicated feeds and communities I have on my friends list, plus the few public entries my friends make. 

Just so my friends know, I’m still reading your posts for the most part. But I won’t be able to add in my two cents nearly as much.


4 Comments to “Now what am I going to do on my lunch breaks?”

  1. Shit. I’m blocked from Facebook and Myspace, but I don’t care about those really at all. I think I’m safe with Livejournal, because my boss checks her own friend’s page constantly! Sorry to hear that you’ve got one less thing to get you through the work-day. Pain in the ass. I’ll still be posting publicly for the most part, so I’ll try to keep you entertained :p

  2. Yeah, they have had myspace blocked since before I started working there and fb is blocked, too. But I can understand that. But oh well. They have been blocking everything lately, even photobucket and google image searches.
    It’s not like I go on LJ and don’t work. I just like to go while I eat on my lunch break.
    I saw your posts 🙂 I just couldn’t comment!

  3. Way Around It
    There was a tutorial on Youtube by jimmyrcom or jimmyrdotcom something like that and he showed how to get by it, for example he used the Myspace mexico example or something like that. Man I got social network burnout, or I got like super busy or both of the above. Statistics show women are better at this stuff than men, don’t know why?

  4. Re: Way Around It
    Thanks but actually all the workarounds don’t work at my job. They have all those blocked, too. And any type of internet cache that would work around it, too.

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