I got rickrolled!


If I was still playing out regularly in a band, I would tell the crowd that we were going to do some amazing and difficult to play cover song. Then we’d bust out with “Never Gonna Give You Up.”


4 Comments to “I got rickrolled!”

  1. I’m starting a new Internet phenomenon, the Buono!roll:

  2. hahaha too cute! You going to otakon this year?

  3. Unfortunately, I’ve never been to any Japan-related convention, and also unfortunately, saving for my nuptials in 2010 and having had to buy a new laptop two weeks ago is dominating my meager finances.

  4. It’s So…
    This song is soo…how do you say????? Gay. LOL, did you see the Family Guy where they did a parody on Back to the Future and Brian did this song, he intro’d it as some Gay guy wrote this. Gosh I thought this song would go away after my Jr. High School graduation, came back to haunt me…ARRRGGGHHH

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