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April 30, 2008

Yahoo is laughing at me

Yahoo puts this on the front page today, the same day I find out I’m losing my piano.

April 30, 2008

Goodbye to my most prized possession :(

My mom called me at work today and gave me the bad news. She basically has little choice but to sell the Steinway grand piano. Long story short, her worker’s compensation case is taking too long to go through and in the meantime, bills have to be paid. She really doesn’t want to do this; she’s upset. But it happens.

I’m off to go play it for the last time ever. This was supposed to be going to my children and grandchildren someday. Now some rich douche is gonna get it and it’ll probably just collect dust.

There are worse fates than this. But I’m still sad about it, I can’t help it.

April 27, 2008

“Average Asian”

Haha, someone else who knows how I feel sometimes.

April 26, 2008

Apparently, I’m too old to date anyone

Angel’s Rockbar attracts some of the biggest douche bags from all over Baltimore and the surrounding metropolitan area. I’ve been going the past couple Thursday nights, though. Because the crowd isn’t as horrible and they have good local bands on those nights.

Some guy comes up to me this past Thursday night. He hits on me, makes small talk, and asks how old I am. I tell him I’m 26. Dude just walks away. I wasn’t interested in him. But what the hell? His friend was like “Well, we thought you were like, 22, at the oldest”. And the guy was about 29 himself. Laaaaaame. Then his friend proceeds to just be like “Why did you get a lip ring? That means you wanna get laid, right?” That’s when I walked away.

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April 23, 2008

Thank you, Patient First

I would like to thank Patient First for scaring the crap out of me. They sent me a letter that stated:

“Thank you for visiting Patient First GREEN SPRING for your medical care.
This letter is to advise you:

    To return to the center as soon as possible for:

  •        follow-up care of fatigue.”

Basically, I went there a couple weeks ago when I was sick. They ran a few blood tests, such as anemia, mono, etc. Most came out negative but some, including a thyroid test, would not be done the same day. (I told them I didn’t think it was any type of long term illness, but based on my symptoms, they ran the tests just in case). My doctor said that if I didn’t hear from them, I was negative/normal. If I came out positive/abnormal, then they would contact me. I figured I was fine and that I just had a nasty virus. Then I got that letter Monday night, after I had pretty much forgotten the whole thing had ever happened. I have been to Patient First countless times and have never gotten a letter. I’ve only ever received an invoice, if necessary.

I saw that and expected it to mean that I was positive/abnormal in something, since they probably wouldn’t outright state that in a letter due to HIPPA laws. I called and thankfully, they said I was fine and that they just thought I should go back if my symptoms didn’t improve. Yeah, thanks.

They said they would have told me when they called me but they couldn’t get a hold of me. However, I don’t have any calls from them on my

April 21, 2008

How to make money from the environment


April 21, 2008

Now what am I going to do on my lunch breaks?

It finally happened. My work has blocked Livejournal 😦 Well, not completely. I can still go on specific journals and their friends lists and profiles. However, I cannot post comments or even view comments for that matter. And I can’t log in, which means that I can’t see any protected entries. 
Basically, I can see the syndicated feeds and communities I have on my friends list, plus the few public entries my friends make. 

Just so my friends know, I’m still reading your posts for the most part. But I won’t be able to add in my two cents nearly as much.

April 19, 2008

I’m in the mood to be here right now

I’d like to be on the beach, with these guys, listening to them play.

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April 19, 2008

“Change (In The House Of Flies)”

I love this video. It’s not just because the song is great. But the video reminds me a lot of people and situations. There are all these fabulous, beautiful people in a gorgeous house. But all of them are bored. They feel empty inside. They aren’t really happy. I love when the girl turns into a picture and when the sun comes up and they’re like noooo.

I’ve always liked this song but I can appreciate the video now more than ever. Sometimes it makes me a little sad because it reminds me of certain people and what could have been. Some people need to spend less time escaping themselves and get to know who they are inside instead of covering it all up. 

April 10, 2008

(Not) down with the sickness

I went to the doctor’s last night and they did a bunch of blood tests. I got the results back for mono, anemia, and a few other things and they all came out negative. I’m just waiting on the results of others that take longer to come back.

I felt like this a couple weeks ago and it went away. But now it’s back. I don’t know what’s going on. But I’m just so tired, sore muscles, feel weird in the head, etc. No matter how much sleep I get, I’m still so tired. I slept 9 hours last night and took a 4 and a half hour nap this afternoon, and I’m still tired. And no, it’s not the “I got too much sleep kind of tired”. Believe me. I know the difference. My neck and upper back are stiff and sore.  My face feels bad.

It’s not sinuses though. I’ll feel alright and then out of nowhere, I’ll feel like I’m in a daze while feeling pain in my head. And it’ll be hard for me to stay awake and alert. It takes effort for me to talk and I feel like I’m saying the wrong words. My throat isn’t sore but it feels weird. It’s hard for me to sing simple songs in key, which are normally not hard.

I think it’s probably a virus or whatever that will just go away eventually. But my doctor was concerned it might be something more chronic and is testing in just in case.