This is the same person?

These pictures are of the same person:

I think these pictures look more alike:


13 Comments to “This is the same person?”

  1. the fergie pictures dont really seem all that different. you can see slight differences but nothing thats like “OMG SHE HAD WORK DONE” *shrug* maybe thats just me.

  2. To me, they’re so different it’s almost scary. I know lots of celebs have had work done. But this is weird to me anyways. I don’t think it’s just makeup or camera angels, either. 1998 vs. 2004 – I wouldn’t even know it was the same person if someone didn’t say it.

  3. Mannn coke does that to you lol. Everytime I bring up how her looks changed, I do get reminded she was way into drugs circa after Wild Orchid before Black Eyed Peas.

  4. Crystal Meth. But yeah. She has a lot of facial damage and if you really look you can see the damage behind all the botox.

  5. As I say – lookin’ rough! Lol. Her 1984 picture looks like she could be Britney Spears and her 2003 probably looks the best out of all of them.

  6. i always thought those two looked alike! i bring that up any time someone thinks fergie is attractive.

  7. Rough is right!
    At least she doesn’t have the meth mouth. (Or maybe she does but had major work done). Most people who do meth, even if it’s just a few months, have major dental damage.
    To me, that drug is scarier than heroin.

  8. And the weird thing is she didn’t look like her before. So she had surgery to make herself look like that. Makes you wonder if it was on purpose, lmao.

  9. Kirstie Alley is hot hot hot, I don’t care how fat she is, was or ever will be. Girlfriend has it going on.
    I don’t see anything weird with the first set of pics of Fergie – the camera angles are different. I don’t see a difference between 1998 and 2003, 1999 is the one with the camera angle that is off and she is holding her head down a little. I don’t see what they are talking about in the boxes below the pics, I can’t see that she’s had any work done – she looks pretty much the same, just older as the pictures progress. Nose and lips, eyebrows, all seem to match to me.
    Funny that Fergie and Kirstie look so much alike.

  10. Maybe I’m wrong but I don’t think it’s just the camera angels. There are lots of photos of people younger and older and you can still tell it’s them, even if they’re gained/lost weight or changed hair color.
    Her nose isn’t the same and her forehead is smaller/eyebrows are higher.
    Although it’s probably the meth damage and botox injections to cover it up more than plastic surgery. I think she only got her nose done and eyebrows lifted. Just looks like way more than that.
    And yes, I agree with you. I actually think Kirstie Alley is attractive. I think people forget that she was considered attractive when Cheers was on (at least I think people thought she was hot, right?) But she gained some weight and suddenly she’s thought of as being ugly, even when she lost a ton of weight.

  11. Cheers, hell – Star Trek, bay-bee – she made a hot Vulcan. 😉
    I thought she looked fine when she was doing Veronica’s Closet. She has a beautiful face.
    I just don’t see the differences with Fergie. Maybe it’s just me.
    Now Joan Rivers on the other hand… she looks strange. And that chick from Dirty Dancing – when she got her nose done, she didn’t look like herself any more (Jennifer Grey?).

  12. And what’s funny about Joan Rivers is I saw a monologue of her from the 80s making fun of everyone who had plastic surgery.
    HAHAHA. And now she is one of the worst offenders!
    I love Lil’ Kim and Courtney Love but I’m afraid they are on dangerous turf – borderline Michael Jacksons 😦

  13. the chick from dirty dancing is completely unrecognizable.

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