Dr. Pepper loves Guns and Roses


Dr. Pepper is going to give everyone in the U.S. (minus Buckethead and Slash) free Dr. Pepper if G’n’R release “Chinese Democracy” in 2008. Random?

And let me just say that the story about Matt Pinfield pulling over and getting the demo tape Axl threw out his limo in the 90s is true. At least Matt says it is. I had the chance to hang out with Matt one on one a few years ago and I asked him. He said the music on that tape is incredible.

I have a feeling no matter how good or bad this album is, people in general are going to dislike it. When they released “Oh My God” on the “End of Days” soundtrack a few years ago, just about everyone I know who heard it said they thought it was bad. I liked it. “It’s just too different” and “It doesn’t sound like Guns and Roses” is what they said. And that song isn’t even that out there. If “Chinese Democracy” is anywhere near as out there and different from past G’n’R albums as Axl claims, the general public is probably going to hate it – even if it is a masterpiece.


10 Comments to “Dr. Pepper loves Guns and Roses”

  1. I’m sure that Chinese Democracy is gonna suck, because I’ve already hear a few songs from it. You can check them out on YouTube. Basically what I hear sounded like a watered down Use Your Illusion. If Axl would have kept his ego in check he could have been on those velvet revolver albums….

  2. Really? That’s disappointing. I’ll have to search for those. I remember a few years ago Axl was saying it was wayyy different from the other G’n’R stuff and it was more similar to stuff like Nine Inch Nails. But I guess not. Oh well.
    He did say that he thought the public probably wouldn’t like it, either – because it’s so crazy and out there. So that he was considering putting out several albums before releasing Chinese Democracy… to sort of ease into the stuff on “C.D.”. I guess to sort of take baby steps and evolve.
    Maybe he just decided to make Chinese Democracy just another Guns and Roses album.

  3. In my opinion Axl Rose isn’t Guns N’ Roses. I mean he wasn’t the sole song writer. So much of what makes a great band great is the chemistry, and ” Guns N’ Roses” AkA The Axl Rose Experience lacks that.

  4. Yeah, I agree. I think he should prob go by a new band name or just go by Axl Rose.

  5. My drummer takes drum lessons from the drummer from Dilinger Escape Plan. And that guy had a copy of the album and that it sucked.
    The album has been “finished” in some capacity for years. Its just been re-recorded SO many times.
    There was even a point last year when they were playing the new G N’R single on DC101 for about a week because the album was SUPPOSED to come out.
    And THAT Sucked. It sounds like they instructed some guitarist (I guess Buckethead?) to “Mimic Slash EXACTLY”.
    And if I didn’t know it WASN’T slash playing, I’d buy it.
    The whole thing is WIERD. But I think its such a brilliant piece of Rocknroll mythology.
    What was the Matt Pinfield story? I never heard this.

  6. Bah, that sucks!!!!!! Well, hopefully (and this is prob wishful thinking here) the reason why it is taking so long to come out is that Axl realizes it sucks and is re-doing it all over. But I doubt that.
    The Matt Pinfield thing is basically like… When he was really famous and VJing on MTV/had his own tv show “Farmclub” and all that (he now is the VP of A&R for Sony, at least last time I checked)… there was this ongoing joke of how Matt has been everywhere for everything. Like, there are a ton of music videos that he somehow ended up in, even before he was famous. And lots of major moments in rock and roll history, he happened to be there.
    And you know how there are all those crazy stories about Axl and his cockiness/temper? For example, supposedly the riots in Philly a few years back were caused by Axl refusing to play. And the reason was because supposedly he was backstage watching a football game. And I’m sure you’ve seen the “Thanks to the lame-ass security, I’m going home” *Slams microphone down* footage.
    Well, in the 90s, there was some story going around that Chinese Democracy was finished. And Axl had the master copy. But he was in a pissy mood one day and threw the only copy out the window of his limo. So people back then just figured it was prob never going to be released.
    A couple years later, when Matt Pinfield was famous, there was a rumor going around that Matt just so happened to be driving on a freeway, saw someone throw something out of a limo… he pulled over out of curiosity and got the tape. And to his surprise, it turned out to be an unreleased G’n’R tape (Chinese Democracy).
    There were debates for years, in the 90s, whether or not this was just an urban myth or not. If it was just taking the fact that… Matt Pinfield has been everywhere…. to an extreme.

  7. I think the fact that he’s doing it over is going to make it worse. I can’t even IMAGINE working on the same effin album for 15 years. It probably sounded better in 1992 or whenever.
    The recordings that I’ve heard are all RIDICULOUSLY overproduced.
    Basically sound like Nickelback.
    Thats CRAZY about Matt Pinfield. If I had that thing I would have parties where all I would do is play chinese democracy all night.

    If that’s the case, Dr. Pepper should give out the sodas if they don’t release it, hahaha.
    Yeah, I can’t imagine working that long on an album, either. I think about how quickly I get sick of my own songs. I can’t imagine fifteen years of that and not even putting it out yet!

  9. Wait. Wait. Wait! Hold on. I have heard a few of the new songs as well. And while I certainly hear a big difference between them and the old GN’R, they don’t sound like Nickelback! I hate Nickelback. I don’t hate the new stuff. I think it’s hard to write anything as good as their original stuff (without having Slash around), BUT what I’ve heard doesn’t suck as much as people here are saying. In my opinion,”Better” is quite good (don’t know if it’s set to be on the album or not). I guess the best thing to do is try to track down some of the new songs and see what you think for yourself. I have a feeling EVERYONE is going to have a different opinion/preference when it comes to this! Thanks for the post!

  10. Yeah, you’re right. I finally heard clips of the tracks on YouTube. I don’t think any of it actually sucks, nor does it sound like Nickelback. But not all of it is amazing. Some are just okay and then there are others, like “The Blues” that I really like! I mean, it’s prob not the best G’n’R album of all time but it’s still really good.

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