Crazy Obama hating “pastor”

You may have seen this video or heard about it. Like other crazy leaders past and present, he may seem logical or intelligent in the way he fanatically explains his irrational hate. He brings up one or two minor, somewhat valid points but runs with them to the extent that he is not only wrong but you wonder what his point is and why he’s saying these things.

What bothers me isn’t the fact that he dislikes Obama. If he brought up valid points about his character or record as a politician, then he would be opening up an intelligent debate. But all he can say is that the man was born trash to a “trashy, white mama”. How can he have all those people attending his church? And what if there are members of the congregation who are part white? What do they think of this? Then again, he goes off on black people, too. He says that he is their last hope and that if they don’t listen to him they will be using “pigeon droppings to make gravy”. And he refers to African-Americans as “you” toward the end instead of “we”. “The future of you African and African-American people is in my mouth; it’s not in your hand, it’s in my mouth”. “After me, they’ll be no hope”. What the hell? He is very offensive and egotistical.

There are other points I could bring up, but just watch.

There’s another video where he says Obama shouldn’t be trusted since he has never been to jail. Seems like the pastor is trying to justify why he was locked up for burglary charges.

Oh, and one more thing: What does this have to do with God or Christianity?


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