Phil is not in Lennex anymore

I guess I am the last person to find out about this, but Phil quit Lennex. 😦

Bands break up all the time or people leave. I am used to it. I don’t really get too upset about it anymore. But it’s Phil. I’ll still go see Lennex when they perform with a new singer. The rest of the band are also truly talented and awesome and I’m sure what the future holds will be fantastic. But it’s still sad.

I understand why he’s leaving but at the same time, I’m upset. There is no one like him. He was meant to sing and perform. He has an amazing talent.

I hate the music industry. I really do. How the hell is Avril Lavigne famous but truly amazing artists have to struggle their asses off?

I’m moving to Mars to get away from you crazy humans. Peace out.


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