My first Blue Screen of Death.

Windoze sucks even worse than I thought. After a whopping two months after I installed Windows XP, I experienced the BSOD last night. I didn’t do anything crazy to it. The OS did an automatic update, a Microsoft automatic update, mind you. And when I re-started it, I got the BSOD. I spent hours of searching online what the source of the problem was and everyone else said they also got it from the Windows Automatic Updates. I am disabling the automatic updates and am in the process of completely reinstalling the bastard of an OS. The automatic update irked me before anyway, as it would prompt me to restart the computer now or else it would automatically do so in five minutes if I didn’t hit the later button. But then ten minutes later, the prompt would come back up again and bug me. How irritating. Sometimes I’d be away from the computer when that would come up and it would close out what I was working on.

Anyway, time to restart Windows. SP 2 just installed. *Crossing fingers that it doesn’t somehow crash*.

I appreciate my Mac OS even more than ever, hehe. Not trying being a snob. Just stating the truth.


3 Comments to “My first Blue Screen of Death.”

  1. I’m so very sorry for you. Noone should have to endure windows.

  2. I knowww. And the majority of people prefer this OS. Crazy.
    If I didn’t have some classes that required it, I wouldn’t have it in the first place.

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