Is Chicago the new L.A.?

Several Baltimore people have moved to Chicago. And a few more are in the process of doing so soon.

A lot of the people who moved to L.A. have come home.

Chicago’s a cool city and I have family there. I wouldn’t mind visiting again soon. But I don’t think I could live there because I couldn’t take the winters. I have memories of going there and having a huge jacket, but being miserably cold when I went outside. I can handle cold winters for the most part (I’m from Ohio, remember?) But cold and windy is unbearable for me. This is why I don’t like winters in Maryland. I’m a wuss.


19 Comments to “Is Chicago the new L.A.?”

  1. I have had nearly this exact conversation with myself before. And I feel the same way. Screw Chicago winters!

  2. at least i’m not the only one!

  3. I’m from Chicago. I haven’t been in 20 years. But I was born there, it’s the city of my heart.

  4. Who else just moved to Chicago from Baltimore? Nah. the weather is nicer in LA>

  5. My friend Dee moved back a few months ago (she’s originally from there). A few other people that I don’t think you know. And my cousin is most likely moving there for art school. And even more people are either in the process of moving there or considering it.
    If anyone we both know moves there, I’ll let you know! (Of course if it’s someone you like hehehe).

  6. Oh and Vicky Troshin lives there. She moved a few years ago.

  7. You should visit when you can.

  8. but really… chicago isn’t chicago without our winters. oddly enough, i’ve missed this. baltimore didn’t offer enough weather change for me.

  9. fuck yeah! hehe. nice name drop. JK JK JK!!! you really should come visit soon! like… after may when derby season starts!

  10. I getcha. But I still couldn’t take it being thatttt cold and windy.
    Like I said, I’m a wuss.

  11. Dee, meet Ira. He jussst moved to Chicago!
    I would LOVE to see you in the roller derby! I bet you will whoop some asssss, too.

  12. Okay, well… to be fair, I’ve never been to Chicago. But Baltimore is enough winter for me, I think. All personal preference. I would love to visit Chicago though.

  13. thats the spirit. can’t knock it til you try it. not saying that extreme winds and cold is fun, but its an experience. maryland has no idea what a cold day is. it takes ALOT of snow for them to cancel work/school/etc in chicago, we have cold days. sometimes people loose hot water and stuff cause of it. :p

  14. hell yeah. its going to be fun… i see alot more of my ass kicking happening first though!!!! hahhaha
    who else from balto is from here that iknow?

  15. Eeeeep! Perhaps I’ll visit in the spring 🙂

  16. Yeah, dude. When I lived in Ohio we’d get more snow and they wouldn’t delay or close the schools. Then I came to MD and they CLOSE the schools for just a dusting. And people freak out and buy toilet paper and milk in MD haha.
    Oddly enough, I’d rather have the huge snows and cold weather in Ohio over the windy and sometimes icy Maryland winters anyday. If it’s 30 degrees in MD but windy, it’s worse than if it’s 20 degrees and not windy in Ohio (in my opinion). When I first moved to MD, it was so windy (year round, not just in the winter) that the first year I had bad headaches and dizziness from it. Of course, the people who were born and raised here didnt’ even notice it was windy out.
    And snow is one thing. But the freezing rain that MD sometimes has is something no one can drive in. It doesn’t matter what kind of car you have, what tires, whatever. I can barely walk in freezing rain. Haha.

  17. I’m trying to think if there’s anyone we BOTH know. But it’s quite a few people who will be coming to your neck of the woods. Which could be a good or bad thing haha. I’ll get back to you when I remember who we both know.
    I wish I could just go there for the weekend. But that’s not gonna happen (lack of fund$$$).

  18. well keep me updated on people you know coming out here. sometimes i think some people in baltimore dont even know i’m gone. lol.

  19. Don’t get me started on that. When I stopped going out for the most part for over a year, people were like SHAME ON YOU FOR NOT COMING OUT TO OUR SHOWS.
    I was like duuuude. Calm down. I was sick and had surgeries. I COULDN’T go out. Then there were the people who thought I moved to L.A. for some unknown reason.
    Tsk, tsk. People. GAHHHHHH.
    I’m sure people know YOU’RE gone, though.

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