Radical 90s kid

I yoinked this from my friend (Dan)’s MySpace profile. It was totally tubular and I had to repost it.
This looks like an ad for Nintendo Power Magazine.
My brother and I had a subscription back then.

Is that yellow thing a Rolodex? Why would a child have one? I guess he was just that radical of a dude.

It’s 2008. 2010 is not that far, which means the 90s will be back in style soon. The shaved lines in sides of guys’ heads is already starting to come back a little bit. When shaved lines in eyebrows become common, I will know the decade is officially back. (And I will feel old).


2 Comments to “Radical 90s kid”

  1. Those are actually bookends, not a rolodex. Come on, he was a cool due with his stone washed jeans, pink shirt and feathered mullet. 🙂

  2. He is cool – especially the shoes!

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