Winter break it is

I was going to take a Unix/Linux class during the winter semester but they canceled both classes they had for it during this time. I looked at it one evening and the next morning I looked at it at work and it was taken down from the website. So I’m assuming not enough people signed up for it. Oh well. I will just take it another semester but I want to graduate sooner rather than later. I guess I need to be patient because it will be a while before I’m even halfway finished. I probably need this small break so I can focus on other things anyway.

A friend of mine and I have a few tricks up our sleeves that we will be revealing in the not so distant future.


2 Comments to “Winter break it is”

  1. CCBC is still up to its old tricks, I see. They used to be pros at canceling classes mere days before the semester. I think they have (or at least had) a 12 person per class minimum to keep the course open.
    Breaks are essential. I hope yours is wonderful 🙂

  2. I just thought that they might cancel one class, not both at a time. I guess no one really wants to go to classes in the Winter haha. It’s a lot more work because it’s condensed. Or maybe the teacher backed out.
    Thanks, hon. And I hope your break is also wonderful!

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