Glad to be out of the MTV loop

Apparently, there are two bands that are very big in the rock genre right now, yet I did not hear them until recently: Plain White T’s (which I only found out about because Maynard from the Ed Norris show was ranting about how horrible they were and minutes later I heard them being played on another station) and Paramore (who I heard in clubs twice in one week this month and both times people acted like they were this wonderful band I was missing out on).

Yawn. Not having MTV is a good thing.

These bands aren’t horrible (from what I’ve heard) but I just don’t care.

I miss getting really excited over new bands. It happens less and less these days. I want to love new rock bands that are on MTV, but I just don’t.
At least these bands are okay and not absolutely annoying. Maybe things are slowly moving in the right direction. I know that for whatever reason things can’t be great all the time. But it’s been happening long enough. I miss the 90s.

There are talented bands with awesome songs and great appeal that don’t ever get heard to the extent that they should and it’s sad. They end up having to eventually fix their van, pay medical bills, and eat. So they have to break up because they are living on the poverty line, even if they are playing packed shows or even touring internationally.

According to Wikipedia, “Hey There Delila” by Plain White T’s “is the first rock song to top the Billboard Hot 100 chart since Nickelback’s ‘How You Remind Me’ in 2001 and 2002, over 5 years”. That’s just sad! The Nickelback song was also mediocre itself.

And people wonder why I’m going back to school and recording songs in my bedroom.


20 Comments to “Glad to be out of the MTV loop”

  1. What ever happened to my rock and roll?
    I totally agree. The state of music today is sad. It is the age of mediocrity. Originality is dead. I remember when music inspired and excited me, now it bores me. I find myself really struggling to find any new music that interests me.

  2. Re: What ever happened to my rock and roll?
    Love the icon, is that from “The Young Ones”?

  3. i thought the fact that i hate everything on the radio/mtv now was just me getting old lol.

  4. Sometimes I wonder if it’s just the getting old thing but then I realize that I’m still young. And there are 35 year olds who still get up and get excited when that going down down song by Fallout Boy comes on (which has the same guitar riff from Creed, who also annoyed me).

  5. Re: What ever happened to my rock and roll?
    Yes it is “the young ones”.

  6. who the fuck is calling plain white t’s ROCK?! are you fucking kidding me?! those kids are nothing more than worthless whiney little emo bastards. i think i’m going ot be sick. if i ever meet delilah i’m going to stab her in the face. fact.

  7. HAHAHA. Well, it might not be Delila’s fault that the song sucks. I mean, if someone wrote a song about me and it sucked, I would be embarrassed.
    The one thing that bothers me is he says something like
    I’ll be out making history and you’ll finish school.
    Like, he’ll be friggin’ famous and in the books but she won’t be doing crap.

  8. And yeah, I know what you mean. I don’t know how things like Avril or them are labeled these big rock kids when they are adult contemporary.

  9. those are probably the people who liked everything they heard on the radio all along though too. i’d like to think that what came on the radio 10-15 years ago was way better than what’s out now, that it mattered more about it being a good song than it being catchy, but it’s hard to say. a lot of the stuff they play on the radio now i catch myself thinking “that’s terrible. but if it came out when i was 15 i probably would have liked it.” i can’t think of one band that has come out recently that is played on the radio that i like. i just think i don’t “get” what kids are into these days, and that goes for fashion too, and well, everything really. that’s what makes me feel old.

  10. Fall Out Boy sucks. I tend to find out about new music from friends or from magazines like Guitar World or Decibel.
    You know I remember telling my ex that music suffers if musicians can’t do it full time. I’m sure that the reason some of the more underground bands that I like give up is for this reason, because they can’t make a living at it. I mean when a band like Deftones can go broke and yet Fall Out Boy is playing big arenas you wonder what is wrong with the world.
    BTW I think that Deftones when broke because they took so long to come out with their last album.
    But another band that I like Machine Head almost broke up because they put out an album that didn’t do well. Which is a shame because they are really good with dynamics and come out with cool music.
    I could go on all day about awesome bands that don’t get paided like they should.

  11. i agree
    Fall Out Boy is annoying. I mean, there are lots of bands that I wouldn’t go see in concert, but I wouldn’t complain about them – they are just not my cup of tea. But that going down down song by Fall Out Boy… that song honestly gives me this bad feeling in my body every time I hear it! I’m not kidding. It’s like I chemically react badly to it!
    You know, my best friend also mentioned the Deftones thing. I wanted to go see them when they were in town a while back but was tight on money (I think we discussed this as you also wanted to go to the show in NY). And Adam was saying he didn’t understand why a band like them was playing relatively small venues (for a national band). He said when he was a teenager and we listened to them, he always thought that by now they would be selling out arenas. It’s also funny how the bands that were highly influenced by them went out to make lots more money than they did.
    There is a band called Ours that I try to see whenever they come into town. They are one of my favorite bands. EVERYONE that I have ever recommended to listen to them has not only liked them, but become practically obsessed. They do have a loyal following, even if they aren’t very known. It goes to show you that people WILL listen to good quality music. But most people won’t go out of their way to find out or don’t have musically knowledgeable friends who will recommend things to them by word of mouth.
    A couple years ago, Muse opened up for My Chemical Romance and when I found out I was like IT SHOULD BE THE OTHER WAY AROUND! Of course, now MCR is huge. Oh well. Jimi Hendrix also opened up for the Monkees back in the day so what can you do?
    I just wish the higher ups at record companies actually knew more about music and actually gave a damn about art.
    But I’m sure you can relate seeing that you are a visual artist and they CERTAINLY don’t get the recognition they deserve.

  12. Re: i agree
    “I just wish the higher ups at record companies actually knew more about music and actually gave a damn about art.”
    For the record companies it’s not about the music or art, it’s about cash. The higher ups know plenty about marketing and that’s all they need to know about in the industry. Music is a product and we are comsumers. Wishing that the higher ups at record companies gave a damn about music and art is like wishing that the higher ups at McDonalds gave a damn about taste and nutrition. All they need to know and give a damn about is how to create and maintain a market for thier product.

  13. Re: i agree
    You’re right. But I think if they paid attention, they would realize that in the long run they would make more money by signing more quality artists. It’s like an investment.
    People used to have loyalty to certain artists they cared about and that doesn’t happen as much these days.
    I mean, does anyone still give a damn about Mandy Moore? seriously…
    With restaurants, yes there are McD’s out there but there are Ruth Chris’s as well. All I’m asking for is some more Ruth Chris musical artists hahaha.

  14. Re: i agree
    BTW, do you have any New Years plans?

  15. Re: i agree
    And you know The Deftones are actually doing okay. I mean if they can play a 3,000 seater a night then they can clear decent cash. But there are other bands that have the talent but have broken up because of the lack of money. This just sucks. Especially when bullshit like MCR, Fall Out Boy and all of those other corny bands are making money.
    but people suck.
    As for cartoonist( yes I still really consider myself a cartoonist ) I think for the most part the good people do tend to rise to the top. I mean you do get a lot of over rated, over hyped people on the scene.. but whatever.
    I mean for myself I stil like what I do and no matter what that is what is most important, besides I knew that the types of things that I draw aren’t the types that sell tons or even that most people will like. But its all good : )

  16. Re: i agree
    Yeah, I have friends who have sold tens of thousands or hundreds of thousands of records (which is a lot nowadays for rock bands who aren’t shoved in your face on MTV), have toured North America, Europe, Asia, etc., work hard, have a dedicated fan base, and are talented. But they end up having to quit and live with their parents or very understanding friends when all is said and done.
    Then it’s hard to get a “real job” making decent money because even though have done some impressive things with their lives, it doesn’t exactly transfer to a resume.
    When I was trying to do my thing, I knew this might happen getting into it and for the longest time I didn’t care that much because doing what you love is more important than money. HOWEVER, when I got really sick and couldn’t work or anything, I realized how life can change unexpectedly and
    I wished I had a little money saved up.

  17. Re: i agree
    That sucks…I sort of deal with the same issue myself, but lucky for me I can get a job with my skills : ) Sadly they are hard to find because its not the sort of thing that is gonna be in the help wanted ads : (

  18. There was a lot I didn’t like on the radio back in the day, but there was still a lot I did like.
    I remember when Oasis was huge and I couldn’t stand them and I thought they were so overrated. Now I wish we lived in a time where Oasis was the worst band. Hell, they are better than the “best” bands that are out now!
    And actually, even though they aren’t very original, I am starting to find myself actually liking Oasis now haha. Maybe because it just sounds good by comparison.

  19. Re: i agree
    I have to work on News Yers eve and New Years day. It sucks, I can’t do anything.

  20. Re: i agree
    Aww. They better be paying you mad extra money for that!

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