Hair metal is not real metal

Most cock rock still sucks. Hair bands were never real metal. People seem to forget that just because the 80s are back in style for now.

I’m not a purist or anything. I believe in mixing different styles when it works. But I think a lot of people forgot or never realized that Metallica fans used to hate the Bon Jovi fans. Nowadays, a lot of people categorize them into the same thing and it’s not accurate nor fair.

And yes, I am an 80s fan. But I think if I were a teenager back then, I’d hate the pop metal (a.k.a hair metal) scene.  I think I would be way more into the “alt-pop” scene since I love that music today. (Depeche Mode, The Cure, Duran Duran, etc).

I see a lot of similarities between emo and hair metal. I know it isn’t obvious but think about it. Both have ridiculous hair and fashion that “real” rock people hate. Emo is going to get looked back upon and laughed at in a couple years the same way hair metal was ridiculed in the 90s.


10 Comments to “Hair metal is not real metal”

  1. WORD ! I’m 33 and back in the day I used to listen to Iron Maiden, Metallica, Judas Priest etc. I HATED bands like Warrent, Poison, Winger and all that crap. And I hate bands like MCR now…. Some people would toss in GN’R with the hair metall bands but even then I could see the difference. They were more like old school Aerosmith with a punk edge.
    All of the Hair metal bands tended toward Van Halen light. So why would i need to listen to them ? I could listen to Van Halen !

  2. What bands you consider to be “emo”?

  3. agreed! everything just kinda recycles itself.

  4. I’m 33 and back in the day I used to listen to Iron Maiden, Metallica, Judas Priest etc.
    Ditto! =]

  5. Thanks for backing me up! Lotsa people seem to think Iron Maiden and Poison were in the same category/scene. Not true.

  6. Ya know if someone thinks they are the same they obviously haven’t listened to either band.
    One band was/is about music the other ..image.

  7. I’m referring to the third wave emo bands. Not bands such as Sunny Day Real Estate or The Get Up Kids (though I never got too into them, at least I don’t get overly annoyed by them). I don’t like the fact that they are even put in the same category as the crappy more recent emo bands. There should be some other name. But then again at the same time, people hate over-categorizing stuff. I guess you can’t win either way!
    The only more recent emo I liked was Jimmy Eat World and Bleed the Dream – which is debatable if those two bands are even strictly emo anyway.

  8. Recycling can be good but not when you recycle poop! hehe. Cute icon, btw. kitty cat.

  9. It’s because they have the name “Metal” in their categories of music so they think it MUST be the same.
    Kind of like how I try to explain to people that not all country is the same. There were artists such as Loretta Lynn and Johnny Cash. I wouldn’t classify them as the same as Kenny Chesney or Toby Keith.

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