Finals week is here already

It’s finals week. I shouldn’t have went out last night, but I pretty much had to because A Freudian Slip was playing Fletcher’s. They sounded very tight and the place was packed. It was almost too packed. The downstairs after party was really fun. I can’t believe they’re turning it into a restaurant. I’m going to miss it.

I have to give a presentation before (or as part of) my final tomorrow evening. So I’m going to be putting it all into a powerpoint file after work tonight. I’m almost done with this semester. I have some good (productive) things planned for the winter break. Although I also want to go out and be stupid for some of the time.

On an unrelated note, the west coast seems to have more ideal weather for me, but for some reason NYC has been calling my name lately. 


One Comment to “Finals week is here already”

  1. a freudian “fucking” slip makes me super sad in my pants. nice guys… but really… is the music good??? and are they still sporting around their girlfriends as sluts…. i mean slip nurses???
    sorry, i really just cannot stand afs. 😦

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