My new aluminum iMac

  Pictures of my iMac   

I got my shiny new aluminum iMac on Sunday and I love it! I haven’t had a chance to fool around with it as much as I would like because of my schoolwork. But what I have done on it so far rocks. My other computer needed a ton of upgrades to it. So this computer runs much quicker. And there were a bunch of people’s MySpace profiles I could never go on because they had waayy too much crap on it and it took such a long time to load. It loads in seconds on this computer. The glossy screen and its graphics are top notch. The graphics on my old eMac were still great but this is fantastic. You can see all these details. I watched part of an episode of “Prison Break” I got from iTunes on it and it looks and sounds much better than the TV downstairs. It feels like I’m watching a movie. The built-in speakers rock. My friends would comment when they came over that the speakers on my eMac were really good. But this is even better than that. There are songs that I have heard for years and now I am hearing them in a whole new way. There are little background sounds that I never heard before, even when it was blasted through loud speakers at dance clubs. The remote control is convenient for when I want to listen to music but I’m not sitting down at my desk. And it looks and feels like the first generation iPod shuffles, which is cute.

I started messing around a little bit in GarageBand, but I still have more to figure out. So far, I think it’s great.  And Photobooth rocks. I can see why people who have it constantly take pictures of themselves in it, haha. I was finally able to download and use NeoOffice. That helped me with my school project. Appleworks transferred successfully from my eMac and it works just fine under Leopard, which is something I was wondering about (since Apple is no longer making AW) and couldn’t find an answer to before making my purchase.

After I buy a firewire hard drive, it’s going to be awesome to use Time Machine.

I really like the fact that the screen is 20″ and widescreen, yet the computer takes up a lot less room on my desk. It weighs a lot less and is so much easier to carry for whenever I move again. The thin keyboard is cool and it even feels kind of good on the fingertips when typing.

There are a bunch of other things that rock about it, including the Leopard operating system. But I won’t bore you anymore with the geeky details. After all, those of you who care already know about that.

I’m really glad I have it because during the Winter Break, I will have the opportunity to work on my music with it. And when school starts back up, it’ll be a lot better for doing my work. Plus, even goofing around on it will be better.

The one complaint that I have is that since Leopard is new, some of my old software and hardware do not work. Even my HP all-in-one printer (which is new and I bought with the computer at the Apple store) has an issue. It prints great but the scanner doesn’t work at all. But someone from HP posted on Apple’s forum saying they know about the issue and are working on it. So they’ll fix it (hopefully soon) and most likely the other software and hardware issues will be fixed.

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9 Comments to “My new aluminum iMac”

  1. *Sigh* as soon as i can buy one I’m gonna.Thanks for posting this : )

  2. You will love it when you get it.
    It took me some time to save up for it and now I am low on cash but it was worth it.

  3. w00tness.
    Most software packages have patches upgrading them to “Universal” which will run on the Pentium processors.

  4. ohhh drool! want one sooo bad!

  5. One of the hardware issues I was having fixed itself when I used the computer yesterday. Weird. Oh well, at least it works now haha. It was an issue with an interface working in Garageband under Leopard.
    The scanner issue is a Leopard issue according to HP.
    But thanks for the info. Your photos look great, btw.

  6. Glad things are working. :o)
    And thank you! I’ll have some from the snow up soon. And very excited now that you have your new machine that we’ll be hearing some of your work soon!

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